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McKenzie Daura is the current Chancellor of the Canadian Wizarding Confederation, and is so far the only female Chancellor in Canada's History.

Early Life

McKenzie was a member of the socially elite while growing up. Her parents were both prominent politicians, her father being the head of the Department of Judicary and her mother holding a leading role in the senate. She attended St. Lyons Magical Academy, a private school in British Columbia where she learned magic, several languages and about law and order. When she was 15 her parents became involved in a political scandal commonly known today as The Unraveling, in which then Chancellor Henry Easton was charged with blackmail, bribery and conspiracy to commit fraud. He was impeached and quickly an investigation was started in which many politicians who were also involved in the scandal were caught, including both her mother and her father who had been good friends of Henry Easton. Her mother was given a sentence of 15 years in prison while her father had friends in the Department of Judiciary and was let off.

They moved to Ontario together and she started taking private lessons from her father after being pulled out of school. They disappeared from the Wizarding World's sight to avoid the humiliation of what happened. McKenzie missed her mother terribly for the next few years.


At the age of 19 she moved away from home and rented a muggle apartment. She had started working as an intern within the Department of Judiciary like her father did. She faced sever scrutiny due to who her parent's were, but that didn't stop her. She became the personal assistant of one of the four judges, Roxanne Pearson, and from there was able to meet several well known people. She wanted to change the humility her father and mother had caused her. She aspired to do good in the Wizarding Confederation. After a good review from Roxanne Pearson she was promoted to the senate by the Chancellor. McKenzie would lead many laws to be passed, like The Werewolf Prejudice Act which eliminated several laws against Werewolves and campaigned vigorously against the hunting of the Canadian Colddrake which was already in danger of extinction.

In 2002 she submitted her name to become a candidate for Chancellor after being advised by her father. She was low in many opinion polls due to people not knowing who she was and people realizing she was the daughter of the former Department of Judiciary head who had been fired. Once more she submitted her name in 2006 and was able to advance much farther after hard campaigning. In the end she was voted in as Chancellor. From then on she has done her best to fight the remaining prejudice and corruption within the Canadian Wizarding Confederation.

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