Prince Matthew of Fürstenberg (born 1980) was a pure-blood wizard and the son of Alfred Potter II and his wife, Princess Anna of Fürstenberg. Matthew was a member of the Potter family, and was officially made a Prince of Fürstenberg by letters patent due to the eventual extinction of the House of Fürstenberg at the death of his sterile uncle.

He was the last living male-line member of the Potter family, as his distant cousin Harry was instead a direct member of the Anemid dynasty. As such, at the death of James Potter, Matthew became the head of the House of Potter, although their ancestral titles passed to James's son, and by consequence, to the Anemids.


He was born in 1980, a few months after his distant cousin Harry, as the only child of Alfred Potter II and his wife Anna of Fürstenberg. His time with with father was short, as he convinced his wife to leave Britain with their son, knowing that Voldemort would certainly try to look for them. Matthew and his mother then left Britain and the International Confederation of Wizards, entering Imperial territory, the two likely heading to Anna's homeland.

Shortly after their escape, both Alfred and his father Charlus were attacked by Voldemort, who tried to have them reveal the location of James Potter, his wife and son. Their refusal led to the murder of Charlus and Alfred, leaving Matthew without both his father and grandfather, and both his mother and grandmother as widows.

After this event, Matthew was made Prince of Fürstenberg by his maternal uncle, the Duke of Fürstenberg. This measure was taken due to the eventual extinction of the House of Fürstenberg, caused by the sterility of August Joseph. As such, Matthew became the heir presumptive of his uncle.



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