Match is an epic novel by mental that takes place during the 1977-1978 school year.


  • 2008 Dobby Award: Best Original Character
  • 2008 Dobby Award: Best Marauders Story.


Ze Meridian has a serious problem: despite the skirt, everyone seems to think she’s a boy. Desperate to prove that having short hair, a bloke for a best friend, and a serious obsession with sport does not mean she’s lacking in feminine wiles, Ze enlists the help of Sirius Black to set Hogwarts straight about the question of her gender. And since Sirius has just entered into a bet with his friends to see who can remain celibate longest, he shouldn’t have any trouble keeping his hands to himself...should he?


  1. Keep Your Hands To Yourself
  2. There's No Place Like Home
  3. One Should Always Change One's Socks
  4. Of the Hair Bowed and the Harebrained
  5. Double Entendre
  6. Violence Is Not the Answer ... Most of the Time
  7. Everyone Has Their Limit
  8. Logical Reasoning and Other Therapeutic Measures
  9. Like Taking Candy from a ... Rob?
  10. A Pervy Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste
  11. Only Fools Have Good Intentions
  12. Putting the Nick Back in Knickers
  13. They Say That Truth Gives You Wings ...
  14. ... But Who Needs Wings When You've Got a Broomstick?
  15. A Bit Off the Bottom
  16. She Wants Revenge
  17. Taking a Tumble
  18. Unravelling at the Seams
  19. By Now, You Should Know Better
  20. Village Idiots
  21. A Bone to Pick
  22. A Little Birdie Told Me
  23. Flower Power
  24. The Quivering Member
  25. Garden Variety
  26. Kiss and Tell
  27. Save the Date
  28. It Begs the Question
  29. So the Story Goes
  30. No More We Go A-Roving
  31. Come On Hide Your Lovers
  32. The Equilibrists
  33. Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates
  34. The Bluebird Effect
  35. The Art of War: Part Un
  36. The Art of War: Part Deux
  37. I Knew a Woman, Lovely in Her Bones: Part I
  38. I Knew a Woman, Lovely in Her Bones: Part II
  39. World Enough and Time: Part I
  40. World Enough and Time: Part II


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