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The Massachusetts Quodpot Club is one of the newest professional quodpot organization in America. It is the eighteenth and latest expansion franchise to join the Professional Quodpot Federation. The team was founded in 1994 by Addington Osgood, a newspaper mogul who poured a sizeable amount of his own personal fortune into the organization of the club. The team is colloquially called the Boston Minutement, and has since developed a regional rivalry with the Philadelphia High Fliers.

Since joining the Federation, the Boston Minutemen have won one league championship, in 2004.

Notable Former Players

  • Everett Woodruff — played 1994-present; managed 2004-present


Pro-Quod Federation - 1994 to present
Season W - L Win % Manager
1994 9-and-12 .429 Owen Billingsley
1995 8-and-13 .381 Owen Billingsley
1996 11-and-10 .524 Owen Billingsley
1997 10-and-11 .476 Owen Billingsley
1998 8-and-13 .381 Owen Billingsley
1999 12-and-9 .571 Owen Billingsley
2000 11-and-10 .524 Owen Billingsley
2001 11-and-10 .524 Owen Billingsley
2002 7-and-14 .333 Walker McKenzie
2003 6-and-15 .286 Darren Lankford
2004 16-and-5 .762 Everett Woodruff
2005 13-and-8 .619 Everett Woodruff
2006 11-and-10 .524 Everett Woodruff
2007 12-and-9 .571 Everett Woodruff
Overall (1994-2007) 145-and-149 .493

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