Malcolm Rothes (pre-1950 - 1994 AD) was a male Human Sith Lord who ruled over the Symonate and held a seat in the Sith Council under Gepta Hord. He married fellow Sith Lord Cordelia Murray, and had several children with her. Power disputes between Malcolm and his wife led to the Rothes Intrastate War, in which the Symonate was split into two factions, one loyal to Malcolm and another to his wife, with Malcolm ruling over the majority of the Sith in the south, earning him the title of "Lord of the South" amongst both his allies and enemies.

He met his end at the hands of Dramath Hord, who had been sent by Cordelia to assassinate him. His death led to the capitulation of most of his followers and the complete takeover of the Symonate by Cordelia.

Powers and abilities

Holding a seat on the Sith Council and ruling over a community of Sith was by itself a testament to Malcolm's power, and despite his advanced age and decreased health, he was capable of using powerful Sith magic to conjure illusions and Sith lightning to attack his enemies.


|- style="text-align: center;" |- style="text-align:center;" |style="width:30%;" rowspan="1"|Preceded by
Eventually Symon of Rothes | style="width: 40%; text-align: center;" rowspan="1"|Ruler of the Symonate
? - 1994 AD | style="width: 30%; text-align: center;" rowspan="1"| Succeeded by
Cordelia Rothes |-

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