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The Maison Stone was created by a wizard in the Ransworth family and was capable of giving the user great power. It is widely known know as the Crystal Shards.


The stone is capable of many things if used in the right way.

  • Known to be able to enhance a wizards power even if its a small piece.


The stone was created by a member of the Ransworth family before it became well known. After the stones creation many knew of it and wanted it power only to find that they couldn't use it, only those that are direct decedents of the creator could use it.

At one point in time the stone was broken into three large pieces and given to a member of the family. What happened to two of the pieces is unknown but one was given to Vira Ransworth's younger brother and he broke it into thirteen smaller uneven pieces and gave them to his family and people he trusted it with.

Known Owners

Emma Ransworth

She was given a large piece by her father for her first year at Pidoria as its guardian. The piece is made from three of the original shards that were gathered and placed together.


- When placed near each other, a member of the Ransworth family can put them back together.

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