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Maisie Bryan is a first year student that belongs in the Kido house, it is well known that she is half Veela. She is often a target for bulling by those that still believe that only pure blood should attend the school.


Maisie has short blond hair, with green eyes and light skin, like all Veela she is considered very beautiful even though she is eleven.


Maisie can be a bit shy when talking to new people and originally had not wanted to go to Pidoria out of fear of people. She has a great love for all forms of animals and wishes to take care of them. Maisie is very afraid of ghosts even to the point of fainting when she sees one.


Early Childhood

Maisie is a half veela and because of this she was bullyed when attending a younger wizard school to the point of stopping and staying home.

At one point she got an acceptance letter for Pidoria's school of witchcraft and wizadry. Her parents decided it would be a good idea to send her and get her out of the house.


Magical Abilities & Skills

  • Magical Aptitude -


  • Wand - a 9 inch, Olive wood, with a Nyx hair as the core.



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