The Magical Congress of the United States of America (shortened MACUSA) is the magical body in charge of governing over the wizarding population in America. It is led by the President of the Magical community.

Structure of Power

The MACUSA performs many of the same functions that the Ministries of Magic and the Council of Magic do. At the top of the hierarchy is the President, then his second in command, after him are Aurors and then the rest.


Presidents are elected every four years like the muggles. The only difference is that the current president can remain president as long as he has enough followers. Under special conditions a new president may be chosen before his serving time is up.

Second in Command

The second in command is personally picked by the president when he first comes to office. Upon the Presidents untimely demise he takes up the role as president for the rest of the term. His job is to ensure that the orders of the president are carried out and help as much as possible.


Aurors are the special military power that is used by the president for special assignments usually to catch dangerous enemies, think of them as spies.


Early History

Not much is known about its early history as it was lost in a fire during a fight with a old organization called Scourers.

Present Time

General Laws

  • No underage wizard may preform spells outside of their school.
  • All wizard who use the forbidden spells will face punishment, sometimes the punisment can lead to your execution.
  • One must not use magic in front of a muggle.