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Founded in 1876 by the wizarding communities of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Greenland, and Iceland, the Magic Commonwealth of North America is a major force and a leading member of the International Confederation of Wizards. The capital of the Magic Commonwealth is in Denver, Colorado, USA. Witches, wizards, and even goblins, elves, dwarfs, and ghosts elect the 500-member House of Electors every seven years since it was first elected in 1879, with 160 seats allocated each to the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and 10 seats each to Iceland and Greenland. Under the laws of the Magic Commonwealth of North America, Mexico, the Canadian province of Quebec, Iceland, and the Arctic region from Alaska to Greenland have local autonomy under their own local elected assemblies. See article on magic autonomous regions in the Magic Commonwealth of North America. The political parties include the Orthodox Party, which favors keeping Muggle (non-Magic human) values and technology to a minimum; the Magic Reform Party, which favors mixing magic with Muggle culture and technology; the Magic Party of the North, which is a regional party catering to the interests of the magic communities in Alaska, Canada, Greenland, and Iceland; the Magic Party of Mexico, catering to the wizarding population of Mexico; and the True Bloods, a racist party hostile to Muggles, Muggle-borns, and non-humans. See article on political parties in the Magic Commonwealth of North America. Executive power is vested in the Council of Twelve, elected every seven years by the Chamber of Electors. Judicial power is vested in the Council of Judges, appointed for life by the Council of Twelve with the approval of the House of Electors. The House of Electors has the power to approve or reject laws, but can only vote on bills sponsored by the Council of Twelve.

PARTY REPRESENTATION IN THE HOUSE OF ELECTORS ACCORDING TO PARTY NAMP-North American Magic Party MRP-Magic Reform Party MP-Moderate Party OP-Orthodox Party TB-True Bloods MPM-Magic Party of Mexico MPN-Magic Party of the North I-independents with no party affiliation

1879 Election-total seats 100 (US-32 seats, Mexico-32 seats, Canada-32 seats, Iceland-two seats, Greenland-two seats); NAMP-67 seats; I-33 seats

1886 Election-total seats 150 (US-48 seats, Mexico-48 seats, Canada-48 seats, Iceland-three seats, Greenland-three seats); NAMP-78 seats; I-72 seats

1893 Election-total seats 150; MRP-99 seats; I-51 seats

1900 Election-total seats 150; MRP-91 seats; MP-21 seats; TB-10 seats; I-28 seats

1907 Election-total seats 200 (US-64 seats; Mexico-64 seats; Canada-64 seats; Iceland-four seats, Greenland-four seats); MRP-101 seats; MP-80 seats; TB-17 seats; I-two seats

1914 Election-total seats 200; MRP-89 seats; MP-82 seats; TB-29 seats

1921 Election-total seats 300 (US-96 seats; Mexico-96 seats; Canada-96 seats; Iceland-six seats; Greenland-six seats); MRP-112 seats; MP-100 seats; TB-87 seats; I-one seat

1928 Election-total seats 300; MRP-100 seats; OP-69 seats; TB-61 seats; MPM-66 seats; I-four seats

1935 Election-total seats 400 (US-128 seats; Mexico-128 seats; Canada-128 seats; Iceland-eight seats; Greenland-eight seats); MRP-202 seats; OP-123 seats; TB-26 seats; MPM-33 seats; MPN-16 seats

1942 Election-total seats 400; MRP-145 seats; OP-143 seats; TB-67 seats; MPM-23 seats; MPN-22 seats

1949 Election-total seats 400; MRP-199 seats; OP-51 seats; TB-44 seats; MPM-71 seats; MPN-35 seats

1956 Election-total seats 500 (US-160 seats; Mexico-160 seats; Canada 160 seats; Iceland-10 seats; Greenland-10 seats); MRP-200 seats; OP-212 seats; TB-17 seats; MPM-38 seats; MPN-33 seats

1963 Election-total seats 500; MRP-171 seats; OP-233 seats; TB-11 seats; MPM-48 seats; MPN-41 seats

1970 Election-total seats 500; MRP-100 seats; OP-222 seats; TB-51 seats; MPM-102 seats; MPN-25 seats

1977 Election-total seats 500; MRP-66 seats; OP-149 seats; TB-86 seats; MPM-99 seats; MPN-92 seats; I-eight seats

1984 Election-total seats 500; MRP-37 seats; OP-377 seats; TB-nine seats; MPM-50 seats; MPN-27 seats

1991 Election-total seats 500; MRP 39 seats; OP-270 seats; TB-16 seats; MPM-106 seats; MPN-79 seats

1998 Election-total seats 500; MRP 113 seats; OP-211 seats; TB-22 seats; MPM-98 seats; MPN-53 seats; I-three seats

2005 Eletion-total seats 500; MRP-200 seats; OP-45 seats; TB-20 seats; MPM-150 seats; MPN-62 seats; I-23 seats

PARTY REPRESENTATION IN THE COUNCIL OF TWELVE Note: political party abbreviations same as for House of Electors listing of party representation above

Between 1879 and 1914 Elections to House of Electors-Virtually all 12 seats on Council of Twelve held by members of NAMP, later the MRP

Between 1914 and 1928 Elections-seats on Council of Twelve divided evenly between MRP and MP (later the OP) with each party having six seats

Between 1928 and 1949 Elections-seats on Council of Twelve held by coalition of the OP and the regionalist parties (MPM and MPN)

Between 1949 and 1956 Elections-Council of Twelve controlled by coalition of MRP, MPM, and MPN

Between 1956 and 1984 Elections-Council of Twelve dominated by two-party coalition of MRP and OP

Between 1984 and 1998 Elections-Council of Twelve solely represented by OP

After 1998 Election-Council of Twelve after 1998 election controlled by coalition of OP, MPM, and MPN and after 2005 election by MRP-MPM-MPN alliance


The education of young witchs and wizards in the Magic Commonwealth of North America for the most part is in the hands of the Bureau of Magical Education and Instruction (which is under direct control of the Council of Twelve), with the magic autonomous regions of Mexico, Quebec, and Iceland having their own systems of educating young magic users. Magic students beginning at age 11 (when they first start develping magic abilities) are sent to boarding schools (numbering 14 and under the management of the Bureau of Magical Education and Instruction). In Iceland, Mexico, and Quebec, young witchs and wizards are educated at home by tutors working for the local educational bodies.


The Magic Militia, under the direct command of the Council of Twelve, is a paramilitary organization that does much of the work as set forth by the Council of Twelve and the House of Electors. All witchs and wizards ar age 20 are legally required to serve in the Magic Militia for at least two years, and some stay with the Militia for a much longer period of time. See the article on the Magic Militia in the Magic Commonwealth of North America.

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