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Appears in the story:
Flight of the Falcon

Madison Marie Snape (née Andrews) was the wife of Severus Snape.


Madison Andrews was a half-blood, born to Iano Jacob Andrews and his wife, Cara. Her only brother, a year younger, was Gareth Andrews.

Madison was one of the few friends Severus had during his time at the school as a student. She was born in a house very close to Spinner's End. Like Severus, she was sorted into Slytherin House.  She had a rarely-used nickname, a nickname Snape gave her, Maddy.

Her parents were pure blood sympathizers. Madison finally owled them a letter that told them off, threatened to use the Killing Curse on them if they ever came around her again, and offered her services and loyalty to Dumbledore.

Her animagus form was a falcon. She was imprisoned in Azkaban, wrongly accused of a murder committed by Alecto Carrow. Severus' first mission to prove his loyalty to Dumbledore was to get into Azkaban and liberate her.

Magical skills

She used a nine-inch-long, rune-inscribed dogwood wand with a phoenix tail feather core and she specialized in anti-hexes, curse reversals and defensive charms.

Personality and Appearance

Before you got to know Madison, nothing really stood out about her. She was attractive, with emerald eyes, a lean, muscular build and shoulder-length dark brown hair and a pair of wire-rimmed glasses that she had to wear because she was short-sighted. She shared a key personality traits with Severus' childhood friend, Lily Evans, her unfailing kindness.