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Ernie Macmillan: "It's not as grand as what you're used to... but my home now, as heir to Dad."
Lance Potter: "Sometimes the Manor can be too big, even for four of us. I think your house is perfect, Ern. Just the right size and a little ostentatious - just like you."
Ernie Macmillan: "You mean it? You're not just saying that?"
Lance Potter: "'Course I mean it, you prat! It's great."
— Lance and Ernie when the former visits the latter at Macmillan House
Macmillan House is the home of Ernie Macmillan and his parents, Macklemore and Anne.



The house had initially been built by Macklemore Macmillan as a home for a retired old lady; it had taken a year to build. Unfortunately, she never got to live in it and passed away before it was finished. On its completion in 1975, when Macklemore was 21, the house remained bare and uninhabited.

Like most Pure-blood families, the Macmillans had an ancestral home, but with his father still alive, Macmillan House was purchased by Macklemore - from his employers - when he and his wife Anne discovered, in late 1979, that she was pregnant. At this point, the house had been empty for nearly four years.

Macmillan House soon a quaint little home for the family - it remained so until 1986, when Macklemore's father died and he became heir to his grandfather.


Ernie grew up in Macmillan House with his parents and his younger siblings - Peter and Annabelle - until he was six. Ernie was a little pampered and did grow a bit pompous, as well as becoming a little chubby.


While Ernie went off to Hogwarts, Macmillan House became uninhabited, though protected with a Fidelius Charm, Caterwauling Charms and many other defences.