Lothar Barghest (born 1961) is a member of a prominent pure-blood family from the Milwaukee suburb of Shorewood, Wisconsin.  He is the younger brother of Calpurnia Barghest Brocklebank.  He attended Kaaterskill Academy of Magic.  Although suspected by some of Death Eater sympathies, he began a career in the U.S. Department of Magic after Voldemort's disappearance in 1981.  By the mid-1990s, Barghest had become a key aide to Secretary of Magic Ernest Dithers . In 1995, he became Director of Communications for the Department's Midwest Region, headquartered in Chicago.  In 1997, as British refugees sought asylum in the United States, Barghest was appointed Deputy Secretary for Immigration.  In this position, he worked to slow the acceptance of refugees and established holding camps for asylum seekers in remote areas of Maine and Florida.

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