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Lorenzo Bach (b. 1305; d. 1401) was a composer and musician. He is one of the six composer who wrote a Quilè Parté.


Lorenzo is born in München. There he learned from his father to use magic. Lorenzo spent his entire life making and listing to music. At the age of 15 he began a study by L.P. von Amüne, who was one of the greatest wizarding composers.

As composer

In 1327, he wrote his first short work, Accolo die Erste. In 1930 he wrote his first symphony, and wrote a total of 12 symphonies.


In 1329, he married an unknown muggle woman and had two sons who couldn't peform magic.


  • 12 Symphonies
  • Alva (1325) First full work
  • Oméga (1400) Last full Work
  • Accolo die Erste 1 (1322) first short work
  • Accolo die Zweiten (1323)
  • Accolo da verta (1340) opera
  • E A pi, wir sind frei (1367) a Quilè Parté

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