"Those who read this, keep this tomb secure, and prevent any intrusion at all costs, for the Lord of Time cannot be released from his prison."
—Hardwin Potter's warning
Lord of Time (abbreviated as LOT) is a crossover story of Harry Potter and Doctor Who, written by DarthImperius, and taking place in an alternate universe/timeline, having Harry as the main protagonist of the story.

The story takes its name from the eponymous renegade Time Lord who settled on Earth and began to call himself Linfred, becoming the apical ancestor of the Potter family. Due to his behaviour, he was tricked by his own wife and children, and had his mind sealed away inside a mysterious container.

It is currently under plot bunny status, and due to the creation of a second chapter it has been made into an independent story.

Publisher's summary

"Every family has its secrets, great or small, and the Potters are no exception to that rule. Their ancestral home in Scotland hides perhaps the greatest of all secrets, and the young Harry Potter will learn that many secrets are best left buried... and forgotten."


  1. The Tomb
  2. Whispers in the Dark
  3. The Time of Freedom
  4. The Time Lord
  5. The Master


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