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Lorcán Prince was known most for his family lines, being the father of Roderick, grandfather of Eileen and her brother Kyle, and great grandfather of Severus, Niamh and Jonathan.

His first Patronus was a red deer and his wand was ash and unicorn mane hair, nine inches.

School Years

Lorcán's familiar, Grania Prince, adopted him from the Magical Menagerie.

Lorcán's first friend was a Hufflepuff by the name of Jake Acton. The pair met while boarding the Hogwarts Express and became almost inseparable during their first year. Where Acton was a genius in Charms, Lorcán Prince excelled in Transfiguration and was asked to take the position of Transfigurations teacher after his former teacher, Teague McDermott, stepped down.

Family life

Betrayer's Blade