Lily Luna Potter (8 February 2008) was a half-blood witch and youngest child of Harry and Hermione Potter (née Granger). She is the youngest sibling of James Rubeus and Sirius Severus Potter and is the goddaughter of Neville and Luna Longbottom. Lily is named after her paternal grandmother, Lily Prince, and a close friend of her family's and her godmother, Luna Lovegood.

Physical appearance

"She really is a splitting image of her mother."
—Molly Weasley commenting on how much Lily looks like her mother Hermione
Lily was described as "a splitting image of her mother". She inherited her mother's brown eyes and light brown hair, although her hair is more tamed and less bushy than her mother's hair was as a child. Lily also inherited much of Hermione's facial features.

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