D. Maria Theresa, Crown Princess of Nicaea, Princess Royal of Portugal, Duchess of Braganza (full name: Maria Teresa Sofia Manuela Alexandra Augusta Filipa Josefina Micaela Gabriela Rafaela Francisca de Assis Gonzaga Doukaina Angelina Komnene Palaiologina von Habsburg-Anemas e Bragança) (Lisbon, 30 January 1960 – Godric's Hollow, 31 October 1981), also known as Lily Potter, was the only daughter and first heir-apparent of Queen Maria III of Portugal and King Alexander I of Nicaea and Portugal. She was a witch, much like her parents, and was kidnapped shortly after her birth by a republican-anarchist group known as the Revolutionaries, only to be brought to the Untied Kingdom, where she was adopted by a muggle family and given the name of Lily Evans.

Maria Theresa, now Lily, would attend the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, having been sorted into Gryffindor, and would later marry James Potter, the Duke of Inverness and a fellow colleague at school. Before graduating from Hogwarts, Lily would come to learn about her origins, and would reunite with her birth mother. Lily and James would then have a son, named Hadrian Alexander, but would use the decoy name of Harry Potter, as to not attract more attention from certain parties. Lily, much like her husband, would be murdered by the self-styled Lord Voldemort, who would in turn be mysteriously vanquished after attempting to kill the young Harry.

She was originally buried in the cemetery of Godric's Hollow, alongside her husband, before the two were moved to the Royal Pantheon of the House of Braganza in Portugal.


Early life

Born as the heiress of two royal houses during the Great Time of Troubles, Maria was expected to inherit both the Portuguese dominion, from her mother, and the Anemas dominions, from her father, effectively uniting both the east and the west, and gaining the last remnants of a semi-revived Roman Empire. However, soon after her birth, Maria Theresa was seen as an obstacle to the goals of a radical group known as the Revolutionaries, who planned and succeeded in kidnapping the young princess. She was sent to Great Britain, where under unknown circumstances, she was adopted by a muggle family known as the Evans, and was given the name of Lily Evans.

Her fate was unknown to her birth family, and her father, King Alexandros I would die before Maria Theresa, now Lily, returned to her birth family. During her childhood, Lily would have a good relationship with her adoptive sister Petunia, but after her abilities began to manifest, their relationship began to deteriorate. It was during this time that Lily met and befriended Severus Snape, who realized that Lily was a witch, much like he was a wizard. Snape's beliefs would prove correct, as the two would later receive their Hogwarts letters.

Hogwarts years

Upon arriving at Hogwarts, Lily was sorted into Gryffindor, but would still maintain her friendship with Severus Snape, much to the woe of James Potter, who had a crush of her. However, Lily's and Severus's friendship would collapse upon an incident where he called her a mudblood. It was during this time that Lily was found by the magical Russian Intelligence, working for her mother, who was the Empress of Russia on the Wizarding World. Her true identity confirmed, Lily was reunited with her true mother, but would continue to use her adoptive name and maintain contact with her adoptive family.

After Hogwarts and death

Lily would marry James Potter, but the two would keep Lily's lineage as a secret, not wanting to attract Voldemort's attention and that of his Death Eaters. Shortly after their marriage, Lily and James would have a child, called Hadrian Alexander in honour of her father, but would use Harry Potter as a decoy name. A year after Harry's birth, Lily and James would be murdered by Voldemort himself, who was mortally wounded after attempting to kill young Harry as well.

Both she and James were buried in the cemetery in Godric's Hollow, the identity of Lily oblivious to everyone except to her mother, and it would take a decade for her remains to be brought to her homeland, and buried there, alongside her husband.


Dominus Mundi (mentioned only)

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