"There are some things in the world that are unforgivable, Selyse. So many things in the world that cling on to you either like limpets to a rock, or like meathooks into a fish. I've watched the most unforgivable things happen, Selyse, over and over again. My mother did so many horrible things to me that what she got in the end was a flea bite in comparison. My father abandoned my mother when he discovered that she was a squib's daughter, and not that I cared for her broken heart of wood, but it seemed logical that he suffer for the effect of his departure had on me. Unforgivable things happen, and usually they cancel each other out. It's inevitable."
—Lilith Moriarty
Lilith Guinevere Moriarty (b. 12 March 1979), commonly called Lithy by her two sisters, was a Half-blood witch, an unregistered Animagus in the form of an otter, and the second child of Jacob and Morgaine Moriarty. She was the younger sister of James II Moriarty, and the elder sister of Selyse and Jane Moriarty. She is the descendant of the legendary wizard Professor James Moriarty, who is famous for being the nemesis of the detective Sherlock Holmes. Her father, Jacob, abandoned her mother when he discovered Morgaine was a squib's daughter, meaning he had not married a Pure-blood. Throughout her entire childhood, Lilith was savagely bullied and abused by her mother, who tortured, jinxed, demoralised and embittered her so much that she developed severe sociopathic characteristics. 

Attending a Muggle primary school so that her mother wouldn't have to look at her and be reminded of her father (Even though Lilith had three siblings, she personally looked horribly similar to Jacob), and she was not prejudiced but she was frustrated by the ignorance of the Muggle children to her obvious mental discord: She feigned being an introverted child for her early childhood, suffering bullies naturally but these bullies ended up mysteriously undergoing severe physical and mental conditions. When she attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1991 and she was Sorted into Ravenclaw House. Brilliant, extremely gifted and sociable outwardly, Lilith originally sought to fit in and made several friends, including falling in love with Brian Graybridge in 1993. However, she was deepened into sociopathy when he furiously rebuffed her and went out with another girl. Though she appeared unaffected, she was hardened irreparably against the concept of falling in love. 

She joined the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team in spring 1994 and played Chaser, and during a particular Quidditch match she was thrown from her broom by a bludger and suffered savage flashbacks, provoking her into becoming even more unstable. Using her incredible intelligence and absolute ruthlessness, Lilith sought to take her revenge on anyone she blamed for her own personal situation, and the situation of anyone she cared about. She ended up murdering her own mother and later her father in pursuit of this goal, but also sought to protect her sisters while everyone was looking in the direction of many renowned Death Eaters as the culprits. She joined Dumbledore's Army and learned even more magic, resolving to become even more dangerous. In 1996, she was exposed by journalist Selene Gallow, and in the ensuing fight killed her. While covering up the murder, she was spotted by several Muggles and forced to damage their minds to protect her own identity. 

After a complex bid for her own anonymity, Lilith was outplayed when she accidentally used her own wand to attack an onlooker of her covering up the murder, and she was forced to break her own wand in the escape. Professor Dumbledore discovered it and, using the immense power of the Elder Wand, repaired it and trailed through the spells that it had cast, discovering Lilith was the murderer. Dumbledore mercifully gave her the opportunity to leave Hogwarts and disappear before he gave the wand to the Ministry and she would be sent to Azkaban. She disappeared, but caught wind that there would be an attack on Hogwarts to kill Dumbledore, taking the opportunity to reappear during the Battle of the Astronomy Tower. During the Battle of Hogwarts, Lilith was exposed by Professor Severus Snape, forcing her to flee, where she hid in the Room of Requirement and was confronted by her sisters, and in the ensuing duel she was nearly killed, but Kingsley Shacklebolt rescued her and, after learning what she was responsible for, wiped her memory and modified it so she became a different person, allowing her to continue living in the Wizarding World despite the terrible things that she had done.


Early life

"I never saw what mother did to Lilith myself. But I always saw what the result was. I could hear the curses from up in my room, the hexes cast, and I saw Lilith limping into bed. Mother was a very frustrated person, she said. Lilith even spent a month blinded, a month of the summer when she was eight years old. I never understood why she didn't go for all of us, instead of just going for Lilith. I don't really want to know."
—Selyse Moriarty talks about her sister
Lilith Guinevere Moriarty was born on the 12th of March 1979 in London, to Jacob and Morgaine Moriarty, a descendant of the brilliant megalomaniac Professor James Moriarty. Her father was a pure-blood to a very prominent family, and her mother was from the Florent family, which was notorious for marrying Muggles and Muggle-borns. When it was discovered that Morgaine's mother was wizard-born, but a Squib, Jacob abandoned Morgaine with her four children: Chronologically James II, Lilith, Selyse and Jane. Lilith was younger than James by two years, and since she was born she was considered physically quite similar to her father. Several people who passed her in the streets would point this out when she was older, and she would blush to this. Jacob was the elder of the children, and named for Jacob's grandfather, and Morgaine expected him to be highly intelligent and mature like his namesake. However, he proved to be not sufficiently intelligent to match the famed professor.

An eight-year-old Lilith is blinded

Morgaine, because of the physical similarities between Jacob and Lilith, physically, psychologically and magically abused her daughter since she was very young, often dragging her from her sleep in order to abuse her whenever the mood struck her. The abuse left several scars on her body, but they were magically healed later on. One memorable incident is when an eight-year-old Lilith, sickened and traumatised by the bullying, called her mother an evil woman and Morgaine magically blinded her, leaving her unable to see for over a month. None of this abuse was ever discovered by the authorities or reported by anyone, and Lilith became convinced that it was solely because of the Wizarding World's ignorance to the issues of the world. Lilith developed this ignorance considerably over time.

In order to keep Lilith apart from her for a considerable part of the day, Lilith sent her to a Muggle primary school where she developed the facade of an introverted and shy girl, in fact shown to be extremely intelligent for her age, learning independently to read and write and learning French and Spanish by the time she was nine years old. However, because of her facade, Lilith was bullied by the Muggle children at her primary school - not as severely as her mother did, but severe enough that it shook her. However, several of the children who bullied her later on ended up in horrible conditions of some sort, one of them continuously restrained to a tree by invisible hands, one in a constant bid to pull her own hair out, two unable to stop trying to pry one another's eyes out with their bare hands. None were killed, and none of the evidence pointed back to Lilith, so she escaped suspicion, even from her brother who was supposed to be the genius of the family.

While her mother was in her rages, Lilith was often the one to try and raise her sisters properly - she taught herself to cook so that, when her mother was in the Ministry for overnight hours, she could provide for the rest of her family. James tried to do this himself, but at one point he got the ingredients and incantations all wrong and set the house on fire - when Morgaine returned, she blamed Lilith and attacked her for it right in front of Selyse and Jane. After that, Lilith and her mother often broke into ferocious arguments with one another over who was really providing for the family, and during one particular army her mother cursed her into a wall, where she damaged her spine. Selyse remembers hearing the quarrel from her bedroom, and, terrified, crying herself to sleep still listening to the screams and flashes of light. Outside of the house, Morgaine pretended that Lilith was simply accident-prone.


Lilith is paralysed for playing with Muggle children

Another example of her mother's abuse was when Lilith made friends with a group of Muggle children across the road from them, and played with them several times. When her mother discovered, she cast a Body-Bind Curse on her daughter and left her paralysed overnight out in the cold, disguised by an invisibility cloak. When Selyse went out to rescue her sister, Morgaine threatened her with expulsion from the house. This was the first time James truly saw his mother snap at either of his sisters. Lilith developed pneumonia because of the punishment, and a Muggle hospital was resorted to in order to treat her, since any magical hospital might discover the curses used on her in the past and expose Morgaine. While Lilith was in the hospital, she resolved that her mother was a complete coward, not owning up to what she had done to her own daughter for such impractical reasons. She grew from fearing her mother to truly hating her, but this hatred would only be a subcategory of her mind for the majority of her childhood.

Hogwarts Years

First Year

"Minerva McGonagall: Miss Lilith Moriarty. I remember your mother...and your father. Both of them Gryffindors, in different years, but I remember your mother especially. Sweet, I believe she was. Very sweet, very clever.
Lilith Moriarty: You probably knew her better than me, I suppose, Professor.
Minerva McGonagall: Is that so? She
is your mother.
Lilith Moriarty: She is.
Minerva McGonagall: And?
Lilith Moriarty: I hope she'll be proud of me here
—Lilith Moriarty meets Professor McGonagall
Lilith attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1991, and her mother escorted her to the Hogwarts Express. When Harry first sees Lilith, he views her as pretty, but notices that she appears to be clinging on to her mother like she's desperate not to leave her - this is a part of her mother's insistence that Lilith give the illusion of being a loving daughter. When she leaves for the Hogwarts Express, she doesn't communicate much until she meets Brian Graybridge, with whom Lilith develops a crush over. She seems to have acquired a wand of hawthorn and dragon heartstring from Ollivander's, and a pugmy spaniel she calls Gellert. Lilith also acquired an eagle owl named Felix. When she arrived at Hogwarts, Lilith was sorted into Ravenclaw house, but the Sorting Hat voiced that he saw something of a sadness and a darkness inside her that barred her from joining Gryffindor like her parents had. She made friends with Hermione Granger when she was Sorted, as well as Cho Chang, Hannah Abbott and Padma Patil.

When she was first in her class at Transfiguration, she met with Professor Minerva McGonagall and the professor verbally remembers her mother and father, reminiscing that her mother was exceptionally sweet and, apparently, clever, which Lilith appears uncomfortable to hear, and voices her own wish that Morgaine could possibly be proud of her at least, a statement which Professor McGonagall doesn't see through. She begins to excel somewhat in class at Transfiguration, mastering several simple spells very easily. She continues to do well at that subject, also becoming rather good at Potions, but Professor Snape was naturally reluctant to do this. She made some friends, but remained introverted, especially when her brother encountered her in the corridor and challenged her to a game of Wizard's Chess. She feigned modesty and that she didn't want to compete against James, but he arrogantly goaded her into doing so. With the whole of Ravenclaw house bearing witness, Lilith triumphed easily in the game, humiliating her elder sibling.


Lilith hides during her first duel with her brother James.

Lilith was later confronted by James over his loss, during which James accused her of humiliating him, to which she points out that he instigated the challenge - this provokes James into producing his wand and casting a Stunning Charm at Lilith, who instinctively produces a Shield Charm despite never learning it previously. James is repelled by the deflected attack, and he tries to strike again, but Lilith dives into the girl's bathroom, believing that her brother wouldn't be so bold as to enter the place. James hotheadedly follows her and casts a curse at one of the basins when she is spotted near one, and the basin explodes, sending one shard flying at Lilith's cheek, scarring her. Lilith retaliates, using a Knockback Jinx to throw James into a cubicle. Lilith casts a Smokescreen Spell, taking the opportunity to escape, but James magically locks the door. Lilith pounds on the door for help, but James grabs her and throws her to the floor, causing her to lose her wand. Lilith screams for help, and suddenly the door bursts open and James is distracted. Lilith snatches his wand and aims to cast another curse, but Professor Sprout Disarms her.

Both Lilith and James face detention for the battle, and for the damage done to the bathroom, even though Lilith speculates that it was damage easily repaired. The detention involved polishing the trophy room, and Lilith remembers the look of vociferous rage that James would petulantly shoot her way repeatedly. When Lilith is finished, she is encountered by Professor Flitwick, who acclaims her for showing duelling skill despite not being trained to duel one-to-one with another wizard - Lilith adds that she simply followed instinct and repeated spells that James had used before in her presence. She doesn't divulge that the spells were repeatedly used on her by her mother. Professor Sprout acknowledges, through Legilimency, that Lilith was the victim in the fight and awards fifteen points to Ravenclaw, deducting an equal number of points from Gryffindor.

She is applauded upon returning for morally winning the fight, even though she had been Disarmed before she could triumph in the duel. The Prefects of her house conjure a wreath of blue roses around her neck in commemoration of her winning her first magical duel, and she blushes fiercely as they continuously pat her on the back. While she sleeps, she notes that she felt good fighting her brother, and that she felt alive using her brain to try and figure out how to attack and defend. Fascinated, she privately practises her spells, especially her Knockback Jinx, which she uses to send several tables flying across a room. She is discovered by Professor Flitwick at one point, but he applauds her practising helpful spells. He then introduces her to Victoire Macmillan, a Hogwarts Prefect, and explains that Victoire is willing to teach Lilith how to duel if she wants to protect herself more. Lilith excitedly agrees.


Lilith befriends Victoire, her new duelling partner

Throughout the next two months, Lilith practises with Victoire continuously in Professor Flitwick's office, which was protected from being overheard by a Muffliato Charm. Lilith notes that Victoire was a practised spellcaster, and much faster than her. She Disarmed her half the time, and the rest of the time Lilith was left shrieking with laughter on the floor every time Victoire waved her wand, or with her hands tied behind her back. However, she improved enough that she Disarmed her tutor within milliseconds of the duel's instigation. The one thing that plagued her mind was how Morgaine would react when she learned her daughter was learning spells that could counteract her abuse and even return it if the opportunity were presented. She excelled at History of Magic come November, possibly the only person in her class who even enjoyed it.

She also continued her crush on Brian Graybridge, though she insofar never approached him with her affections because she was too nervous. She focused on her studies, spending hours upon hours in the Library, immersing herself in spells and creatures and stories of old. She even came across a book about the Patronus Charm, and even tried to practise it privately - she failed, and only produced wisps of smoke at best, mainly because she couldn't stably find a happy thought to fixate on. She also read about certain spells such as the Impediment Jinx, and surprised Victoire at one point by casting that spell upon her - Lilith knew that her tutor wouldn't expect the spell to be used because Lilith was only a First Year. However, this good run was tarnished when Morgaine sent a Howler to Lilith, noting that she'd heard about Lilith learning how to duel after humiliating her brother, and personally banned her daughter from continuing this training. Lilith was left speechless by this, shocked because she couldn't understand how her mother had found out about her lessons, considering they were private.

At Christmas, Lilith warily returned home with her brother, who taunted her for being exposed as having secret duelling lessons, to which she threatened him with a 'Mismatching Curse' that would turn his face inside out (A spell she playfully made up to intimidate him). She took private savage pleasure in the look of terror on her brother's face. When she got home, she got into another argument with her mother, who accused her of learning spells someone her age would be unable to fathom using. Lilith tried to take her wand out, but her mother overpowered her before she could even take her wand out and nonverbally cast a Stinging Jinx at her own daughter (Careful not to use the incantation in case Lilith remembered it). With her face deformed, Morgaine threatened to worsen the curse if Lilith used magic in the Christmas holidays.

After her face was healed by her brother, on Morgaine's orders on the condition that Lilith discontinue the duelling lessons, Lilith returned to Hogwarts in the New Year and continued her education with a low profile from spring onward. However, during one incident, she followed a Thestral into the Forbidden Forest, where she found an entire colony of the creatures. Awestruck, Lilith didn't even notice when an Acromantula sneaked up and attacked her from behind. Lilith was pursued by the Acromantula through the forest, during which she tripped and bruised her jaw. The Acromantula pinned her down, until a pod of centaurs arrived and killed it, allowing her to escape. She was invited into Hagrid's Hut when she escaped, when Hagrid noticed that she was suffering from hysteria. Lilith continued to feign the hysteria in order to get the half-giant's sympathy and exploited him into not telling anyone about her escapade. She returned later that night to the common room and pretended she'd been there the whole time.

At the end of the year, eventually Gryffindor won the House Cup, but Lilith found that she didn't really care about winning that cup because it was a pointless ambition when one considered the ramifications - the only ramifications, actually, were a few hours of triumph before returning to a miserable life. Boarding the Hogwarts Express to go back, she spotted Brian Graybridge and sought to approach him, but she procrastinated again because he was surrounded by people she knew. Looking back at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, she took solace in the fact that she would be going back very, very soon.

Second Year

"So I decided to become an Animagus. Thought it would be fun. Could think of so many reasons for transforming, and it only made me stronger. Then I started having proper reasons for becoming an animal."
—Lilith describes her study to become an Animagus
Even though Lilith hoped to return to Hogwarts, that didn't stop the next few weeks of her summer being made Hell in comparison by her mother.

Lilith is accosted by her mother

Throughout the summer, Lilith was met with the usual series of attacks from Morgaine, but this time they became more severe with Morgaine challenging her daughter to use her most powerful spell - Lilith attempted a Full Body-Bind Curse, but Morgaine outcursed her and left her with a savage bruise on her leg wit hthe spell she used. Lilith's spell rebounded and paralysed James, and for this her mother jinxed every item of crockery and cutlery in the room to attack Lilith, eventually collapsing her against the wall under the onslaught. Remembering a spell that Victoire had used, Lilith tried for the Impediment Jinx, but Morgaine used Legilimency to anticipate her and for the second time outcursed her with a Stinging Jinx.

Such incidents occurred throughout the holidays, until Lilith went into the nearby woods where some Muggles were playing. Deciding to practise her magic, Lilith cast a Patronus Charm, but that was of course very weak at first. She then focused on Brian and cast again - to her amazement, a silver otter erupted from her wand. Unfortunately, one Muggle child spotted her and screamed for his parents, and Lilith was forced to escape - she unintentionally commanded her Patronus to flee, and it led the Muggles away from her before disappearing. Morgaine received a Howler from the Ministry about the incident, and Lilith was threatened with expulsion, but she was pardoned for unknown reasons. Hearing this, Morgaine assaulted her daughter ferociously, physically beating her until she apologised.


Lilith's otter Patronus

Hardened, Lilith immediately planned to continue her duelling lessons in order to spite her mother alone. This was one of her greater steps towards independence in her life, but and it most certainly wouldn't be her last one. Lilith also learned that Selyse and Jane were both going to start at Hogwarts that year, which overjoyed her because it meant that her impetuous older brother wouldn't be the only one she was related to at Hogwarts. However, while returning from her room she caught a large mockingbird flying into the house through the window, before transforming into her mother - Morgaine was an Animagus! Lilith realised this was how Morgaine knew about the duelling lessons, because she'd been spying on her in the form of a small bird that would easily go unnoticed. Lilith pretended not to know this, but knew that she would never be able to trust her own privacy again.

When she returned to Hogwarts School at the end of the Summer, she made sure she did so with her sisters up close in case James tried anything. She didn't speak to her mother at all throughout the journey to King's Cross Station, but could feel Morgaine probing into her mind wit hintent of finding out what she was thinking. On the Hogwarts Express, Brian shared her cabin much to her surprise and the two of them bonded, with Lilith discovering that he thought the same way as her and that they had one thing after another in common, becoming more convinced that they were meant for one another. In private, throughout the journey, she read through the methods of becoming an Animagus, deciding that the easiest way to stay ahead of her mother was to be in disguise half the time.

Throguhout the first two months of her Second Year, Lilith continued to study Animagi theory and eventually discovered how to properly become one. She privately performed the experiment herself and at the last second was horrified by the possibility of what kind of animal she would become, before she transformed into an otter. This overjoyed her because it made her feel absolutely free of any worry, and the sensation of moving so fluidly, and swimming incredibly well when she as an otter entered the water, was intoxicating for her. She rather cunningly used her Animagus form by transforming into an otter to get to class quicker, breaking curfews in order to explore the castle and continue to read in the library, and even stealing older students' textbooks to continue her studies.


Lilith takes to the waters for the first time

In addition to having to train to adapt to her Animagus form, she also became fixated on using it for more playful experiments. Lilith's first outing underwater as an animal, considering that otters were renowned for being natural swimmers, was when Lilith transformed into an otter in order to explore the Black Lake at one point, finding that she could magically adapt herself to saltwater and freshwater. At some point during one such escapade, she was nearly waylaid by Grindylow at one point, and even encountered the giant squid in its glorious habitat, which led her to the belief that as an Animagus she was capable of much more than she was as a human. She was, of course, stymied by how far she could go down by her need to breathe oxygen.

She continued to excel at Transfiguration and even improved at Charms, hiding the fact that she had begun to learn the Patronus Charm. She mastered the Dancing Feet Spell easily and the Freezing Charm took a considerable amount of work but she became proficient in that. She impressed Professor Sprout in Herbology with her knowledge of Tentacular and how to overcome Bowtruckles. She continued to bond with Brian throughout the year, sharing textbooks and opinions on certain subjects - they both hated Divination and shared a fascination with the possibility of learning to duel in Defence Against the Dark Arts. However, it was to their misfortune, and that of the whole school, that this year's Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Gilderoy Lockhart, was horribly incompetent and they didn't essentially learn much at first. It led to the assumption by Lilith that she might as well teach the class, she knew much more than him.

After transforming at one point into an otter, she discovered a huge snakelike creature prowling the corridors near the girl's bathroom, and mesmerised she opted to follow it, but eventually lost track of it, moments before having to transform back to human form and discover that Mrs. Norris, the caretaker Mr. Filch's cat, had been attacked. She and Brian both shared alarm at this, and terror at the possibility that there was a monster that lived in the castle. At one point, Lilith and Brian were alone in the common room and she was tempted to kiss him, but knew that it would be abrupt and they were enjoying a game of Wizard's Chess. At the same time, he was busy talking about Lockhart's incompetence.


Lilith bonds with Brian

She challenged him to use his most powerful spell on a bookcase, and he impressed her by transforming it into a Punch-and-Judy puppet stand. She untransfigured it and then stunned him by Engorging it and then transforming it into a fish tank with goldfish in it. They continued to test one another's magic, with her continuing to impress him, and she viewed this as a progression in their relationship, believing that he was becoming more attracted to her with every minute. Long into the night, they started playing Exploding Snap, and by the end they were ordered into bed by Professor Flitwick.

During one conversation, Brian tells an excited Lilith that there will be a Duelling Club at Hogwarts in light of the possibility of being attacked by the monster from the Chamber of Secrets. During the Duelling Club, Lilith's excitement is dulled when she learns that their duelling teacher is Gilderoy Lockhart, who pompously makes a show of himself while failing at properly teaching them combat - considering that he was going against Professor Snape, an infinitely more proficient wizard. When they split the students into pairs, Lilith is paired with a fellow Ravenclaw girl Jenna Cooper, and in the ensuing duel Lilith narrowly catches her wand when she is Disarmed, and when the duel continues Lilith easily overpowers her partner by casting a Tickling Charm that reduces her to hysterical tears. She is one of the people joint in shock when Harry Potter, while duelling Draco Malfoy, speaks Parseltongue.

Lilith continues to trade barbs with James, triumphing upon him even when he challenges her to a game of Exploding Snap, which ends with Lilith calmly surpassing James while he was chewing his knuckles with desperation. Lilith then met with Selyse, who shares the stories of her classes at Hogwarts, describing her love for Quidditch, which Lilith joyously returns with her own adoration for the sport. Lilith then challenges her sister, and then Jane when she arrives in the Common Room, to cast a perfect Severing Charm on the curtains of their dormitory, causing a series of hilarious incidents where the drapes were cut to ribbons by the rebounding Severing Charms, which Professor Flitwick arrived to repair.


Lilith reacts to her mischievous plans working

She heard that her sisters were being bullied by older children two years her senior, and immediately resolved to try and put a stop to it. She immediately formed a plan to confront the bullies, which involved her breaking school rules if she was going to do this effectively. She researched in the Library about the Cheering Charm, as well as learning the movements of the three bullies - Spencer Gallow, Blake Stoker and Gemma Tracy. She knew that she would have to break into the Hufflepuff Common Room in order to do this, and put the plan into action on the week before Halloween: When she approached the Hufflepuff Common Room, she anonymously cast a Cheering Charm on a group of First Years, causing them to collapse in fits of intense laughter after they had spoken the password.

As an otter, while the door was open and the three children distracting those near the door, Lilith then entered and walked in on each of the bullies individually, negotiating that she will give them answers to an upcoming exam if she could find them, on the condition that they leave her sisters alone. When she did give them the answers, they turned out to be incorrect - Lilith had feigned being unintelligent and they knew that she was feigning it, thus deducing that it would be a bad idea to cross her again by continuing to antagonise her sisters. Lilith realised for the first proper time how she could use her considerable intellect to achieve her goals as well as her magical abilities.

Later on, Lilith was one of the several students who faced the possibility of returning home after Hogwarts closes in light of the attacks. In light of this, Morgaine sends a letter to Hogwarts demanding that Lilith and her siblings come home at once. Lilith is upset by this, but knows better than to cross her mother and agrees to return home with her brother and sisters.

Third Year

"Lilith Moriarty: He broke my heart, Hagrid. He was nothing to him! He said that I was far from an option he would select...I hate him!
Rubeus Hagrid: Hey, there...he's just a boy. You're just a happens to everyone.
Lilith Moriarty: It's the first time it's happened to me, can't you
see what it's done to me?
Rubeus Hagrid: I don't have to see it. I been in this school fer decades, I seen a lot o' hearts broken. You think this is the first time I've had this kind of conversation with another poor soul who's been rebuffed by some 'eartless son of a goblin?
Lilith Moriarty: If it's happened to so many people, why don't people understand how much it hurts people?
Rubeus Hagrid: 'Aven't a clue, Lilith...maybe they're scared o' hurting themselves more than other people. Maybe they're scared o' humiliatin' themselves by bein' seen with people like you. Maybe they just don' care! It happens, dear. Not so many times to the same person, not every day...but it happens
—Lilith Moriarty and Rubeus Hagrid
During the summer of her Third Year, Lilith is mystified by the fact that Morgaine was becoming extremely nice to her one day, even referring to as her daughter as opposed to some infectious vermin that Lilith had been labelled throughout her life. She even allowed Lilith to leave the house one day with her friends, but the moment she got back home Morgaine was back as she was - she accosted Lilith for leaving the house, and Lilith knew that it was another sadistic trick by Morgaine. Morgaine resolves to put her daughter under the Cruciatus Curse if she ever left to be with her friends in the summer ever again. As a result, as usual, Lilith officially was confined to the house during the summer. However, Lilith circumvented this ban by transforming into an otter and leaving the house to explore the world around her. She went on multiple escapades over the holidays.

Lilith encounters the Dementors for the first time

James, now in his fifth year and becoming more confident under the magical powers he was developing, once tried to goad Lilith into eating Firewhisky he had secretly crushed Puking Pastilles into. Lilith, using the olfactory enhancement she gained for being an Animagus of an otter, detected this and pretended to drink it, but then nothing happened and James, frustrated, drank some himself and threw up all over the dinner table - Lilith responded by spitting the stuff back out, revealing she hadn't even swallowed it. She joined her sisters at the start of term on the Hogwarts Express, and reunited with Brian, and again the two of them went into deep conversation throughout the journey - however, the train was suddenly stopped and boarded by Dementors. Lilith herself was attacked by one of the Dementors and knew she ought to use the Patronus Charm, but the terror of encountering one herself overpowered her and she became catatonic under the shock - she was saved by Professor Lupin when he arrived and produced a Patronus himself, repelling the Dementor, but Lilith was left to recover when Lupin turned his special attention to Harry Potter.

Lilith was faced, for the first time in her life, with the true quintessence of fear when the Dementor had attacked her, and thus she knew that there was more to her character than hate and bitterness and calculating intelligence. She knew that she would have to perfect herself into becoming a stronger witch in order to repel the Dementors. However, she was waylaid by the immense amount of work that came her way that year, on account of the increase in subjects studied, including Divination and Care of Magical Creatures, the latter of which she grew to find fascinating. She excelled in Care of Magical Creatures due to her understanding of other magical beasts, but she was faced with a constant sense of impatience in Divination because the very premise seemed purely illogical to her - if the past was any consolation, she saw, then there was no joy in observing the future. This infuriated Professor Trelawney, who saw a promising future in Lilith, but wouldn't divulge how it was promising.


Lilith's twisted reaction to banishing a Boggart in her first Defence Against the Dark Arts class.

Selyse and Jane approached their sister one day, as they usually did at several points in the year to talk about their lessons, and noted that Defence Against the Dark Arts had finally become exciting for her, and Lilith resolved that they had finally encountered a competent teacher. However, during her first Defence Against the Dark Arts class that year, Professor Lupin faced the students with a Boggart and Lilith's Boggart transformed into Morgaine, and Lilith cast a Boggart-Banishing Curse as instructed - Morgaine aged over seventy-five years and her skin wasted away, her hair turning pearl-white and shedding out, her voice cracking. When she tries to address Lilith, her jaw hangs loose and she is left with a gaping look on her face that makes her look like she is a woman wearing some old Muggle Halloween costume that had just been dragged out of the attick.

Lilith herself found it entertaining, but those onlooking were either entertained or horrified by the fact that it was her mother. Lilith herself couldn't figure out whether or not to smile at her own triumph, since it deeply disturbed her but at the same time elated her to, in some way, face her fear. Several people after the lesson hounded her for why her mother was her Boggart, so much that she threatened to set Gellert on them. Lilith continued to do well later on in Charms and Potions, casting Lumos Maxima so powerfully that she nearly blinded several other students in the class opposing her. She also became proficient in the Freezing Charm, so much that she froze the beard of Professor Flitwick

Afterwards, Lilith's DADA incident was reported to Professor Flitwick, who interviewed her about the incident in DADA where her Boggart became her mother, and she pretended that she didn't know exactly what had happened- she recounted that she is actually afraid of heights, and her mother is taller than her. This lie actually deceives Professor Flitwick, who asks her if she has ever heard of a Patronus Charm - Lilith responds by producing her wand, imagining the sight of her mother aging, and then casting her otter Patronus right in front of Professor Flitwick, awing him. He applauded her use of the Charm, and noted that to produce a corporeal Patronus at an early stage was extremely impressive. She retorted that she had tried to use one on the Dementors, but had failed because the fear had overcome her. The half-goblin sympathised with this and began to instruct her on how to perform a Patronus to suit the situation of a Dementor's attack.


Lilith's climactic reaction to being rebuffed by Brian Graybridge

She later plucked up the courage to finally approach Brian Graybridge and confessed that she had fallen in love with him. She delivered a long, emotional speech about her affections, finally feeling that she was letting out about the way she felt: Lilith was actually smiling briefly at what she was saying because she had contained it for so long. However, her happiness was shattered when Brian angrily rebuffed her, stating that he had been going out with another girl since he came to Hogwarts and that she had just been someone he liked as a person, but never even considered her a possible romantic partner. Lilith calmly demanded to know the name of the other girl, and Brian admitted that she was Kayla Sciarra, a girl in Slytherin House that Lilith had only met once but had been in all of her classes: someone prettier and more popular than her. Calmly, Lilith walked away and, once she was out of earshot and even peripheral vision, when she had gone to the outskirts of the Forbidden Forest by Hagrid's Hut, she collapsed and exploded into tears and screaming. When Hagrid caught her, she was belligerent at first, but he calmed her down and brought her in, offering her a cup of coffee. She, still choking back tears, told Hagrid what had happened and Hagrid sympathised with her, saying that everyone goes through something like that, but Lilith retorts that she hasn't heard about it herself.


The Cryptic Coin - Lilith's mysterious Christmas present

Lilith received an owl from the Ministry detailing that her mother had been found, critically drunk, in the house, nearly choking on her own vomit. She is in St Mungo's recovering from a self-induced depression, and Lilith determines that she and her siblings have to stay at Hogwarts during the Christmas holidays, which makes her somewhat happier to think about. Over Christmas, she and her sibolings gather in the Ravenclaw common room and exchange presents, until suddenly a great horned owl flies in through the window with a small packet bearing Lilith's name. There is a card attached to the packet reading 'Happy Christmas, Lilith - Jacob Moriarty'. Lilith was stunned by this, remembering that Jacob is her disappeared father and resolving that this means her father is still alive. She opens the packet and finds a silver coin inside, the width of a plum. Lilith is at first confused by the gift, especially when she drops the coin while asking what it is, and when she picks it up there is an image of a hand on it, pointing straight at her. She brings the coin to Professor Flitwick, and learns that it is a Cryptic Coin, a magical device that, when flipped, cryptically answers any question asked by the user. She flips a coin and asks where her father is, and when she flips the coin it lands with a heart etched into it. When she withdraws the coin, the image vanishes and the coin is blank.

One night, dreamily, Lilith plays with the coin in the Ravenclaw Common Room and climactically asks the coin who she loves, who loves her: She flips the coin, but the face that she observes is blank. She asks the question again, and the coin is once more completely blank. She flips the coin several times in frustration, and finally throws the coin out of the window, only for Gellert to rush out and fetch it for her. She snaps at the dog, striking him across the face in anger, and while the dog whines Lilith calms down and frantically embraces the dog, tenderly apologising for hitting him. She takes the coin and instead asks if anybody loves her - when the coin lands, Lilith observes five otters: five, not six, which is the quantity of her immediate family. Confused even further, Lilith decides not to use the coin again that night for fear of severely frustrating herself.

Lilith signs up for the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team and, during her private tryouts she passes with exceptional scores, finding herself a highly skilled flyer and deciding to make the position of Chaser, considering it suited her talents better than Beater, which required a more considerable amount of physical strength than she possessed. She impressed the team as a chaser and it was remarked that she could have made a decent Keeper what with her natural reflexes. She played against Hufflepuff in one match and was part of the reason that they triumphed completely in that match - Lilith remembers the screaming support of her sisters and even James, who was himself a lover of Quidditch. She receives praise from Madame Hooch for her flying prowess, and some Ravvenclaws even patted her on the back as they passed, praising her performance in the match. The only person who didn't praise her, of course, was Brian.


Lilith is returned by a Dementor attack to the memory of her being blind

During a walk with Selyse up to the Owlery to send a message home to Morgaine to wish her a speedy recovery. Along the way, a Dementor senses them and breaks the boundaries of its agreement with Dumbledore, attacking the two sisters. Lilith throws Selyse out of the way and moves to repel the Dementor, but it knocks her wand from her hand and she collapses, experiencing a violent flashback to the time she was blinded by her mother under the fear that is inflicted by the monster. Selyse casts a Knockback Jinx at the Dementor, only causing it to turn to her and decide to give her its special attention - Lilith recovers her wand and casts a Patronus Charm, repelling the Dementor - she discovers that, suddenly, her Patronus has changed form and become a jaguar. Selyse stares at her, speechless, before the Dementor returns with three more of its kin. Lilith tries to cast a Patronus, but the numbers alone are too much for her to handle and she collapses - Professor Dumbledore arrives and casts a fearsome phoenix Patronus, banishing the Dementors from the grounds and resulting in another vicious confrontation between Dumbledore and the Dementors about penetrating Hogwarts grounds.

Lilith quickly recovered from the flashback and was nursed briefly by Professor Sprout, who dosed her with several potions to ensure that there were no lasting effects to being attacked by four Dementors at the same time. Selyse approached her as she was leaving the Herbology greenhouses, and gasped that she could cast a Patronus Charm - she notes that she's been able to do it for some time now, and only just is getting good. Selyse asks how she learned, and Lilith shows her the book where she learned how to cast such a charm. Later that day, she practises duelling again with Victoire, becoming increasingly skilled but less stable when it comes to predicting what to do next - this is partly due to her encounter with the Dementors, considering that the flashback has left her with a sense of instability. Victoire notices this, but Lilith insists that she is fine. Throughout their sparring, Lilith becomes aggressive in her attitude, but she continues to insist that there is nothing wrong with her.


Lilith becomes catatonic during her mental breakdown

She plays in a Quidditch match as Chaser against Slytherin, and Lilith plays with immense passion, throwing herself unshakably into the progress of the game. She scores a considerable multitude of goals for Ravenclaw, and is involved with several vicious close calls in collision with the beaters, and is even at one point tempted to catch the Snitch as it passes by. However, during one intense bid to score a winning goal during a tie-break situation, one of the Slytherin Beaters strikes a Bludger in her direction and it strikes her on the back of the head. Dazed violently, Lilith is hurled from her broom, which goes haywire and crashes into the Slytherin keeper, knocking him into one of the hoops and knocking him out. Lilith plummets from a great height, but Professor Lupin casts a Cushioning Charm which considerably cushions her fall.

Unconscious, Lilith suffered an onslaught of savage flashbacks of her childhood, her mother's abuse, her duel with James in her First Year (Warped so that he becomes sadistic, wins the duel and uses the Cruciatus Curse on her), and then finally comes to the encounter with the Dementors, during which she is tormented by figures of Morgaine from her past. In her unconscious dreams, Lilith battles with the versions of Morgaine, all of them becoming Inferi and surrounding her. While in this state, Lilith suffers a mental breakdown and, when she finally wakes up, she does so screaming. Lilith spends several weeks afterwards in St. Mungo's Hospital after that, where she becomes quiet and refuses to see anyone but her sisters, even though several Professors try and come see her. Lilith returned some weeks afterwards, in time to sit her Third Year exams, which she passed with exceptional scores - she was considered the smartest girl in her year in Ravenclaw House.

Fourth Year

"She comes...she comes...the Queen of Tears, with her wand of ash...she will supplant father from child, love from hate, and when the green flames fill the sky, she will flee...when the Queen of Tears weeps for her love, when the bearded mage falls, then the cruel fist of fate will smite either man or child forever..."
—Professor Trelawney's prophecy

Lilith after using a Portkey for the first time

Lilith managed to persuade her mother to take them to the Quidditch World Cup Final in 1994 - the climactic match between Bulgaria and Ireland, the latter of whom Lilith was a supporter of. Using the Portkey for the first time was a jarring experience for her. She meets Harry Potter properly for the first time when they arrive, and Harry speaks for several minutes with Lilith about Quidditch and the parameters of playing in certain positions. Lilith then notices that James is trying to orchestrate a gambling scam against Ludo Bagman, under the belief that Bulgaria will lose - Lilith follows James around the camp as he sets up the gambling scam with Stan Shuntpike, and works to upturn that operation by sabotaging the receivings and circumstances of it. She replaces the galleons with ones of her own and enchants them so that, if they end up in the possession of her brother (She uses a small extracted memory of him, places it in the coins so that the coins register his appearance magically).

She meets with Hermione at the match and they watch it together with her sisters, during which Lilith becomes awed when the Irish players enter the field. During the match, Lilith remains clinging on to the railings with excitement, whooping hysterically as Ireland repeatedly gain the upper hand. When Krum pulls a Wronski Feint on one of the players, she screams for his dismissal. Wehn the match ends with an Irish triumph, Lilith awaits the sabotage of James's scam. She watches as James takes the winnings from Ludo Bagman, a considerable amount going to the Weasley twins due to their part in the bet. When James takes the coins, they suddenly all explode into vapour, which becomes a huge swarm of snowy dragonflies that erupt around James, who falls to the ground, terrified of insects. Lilith feels a disturbing amount of satisfaction for watching her brother humiliated again by her intelligence.


Lilith faces her drunken brother after the Quidditch World Cup championship

Lilith and her sisters treated themselves to Firewhisky after the match, raucously laughing while observing one another's reactions to drinking the stuff and telling jokes to one another, taking advantage of the fact that their exhausted mother was asleep. The private party in their tent is interrupted when James, horribly drunk, returns to the tent and confronts Lilith, demanding to know why she humiliated him and prevented him from making a considerable fortune from the match. Lilith retorted that she didn't think he should warp the system set up for benefit of anyone, not just him. This confuses James, who cannot see past the end of his own ambitions. He is angered throughout the ensuing conversation, and eventually is persuaded to draw his wand by his drunken impulses. Lilith draws her own wand at the same time, and suddenly they are nose-to-nose, pressing one another's wands under one another's jaws. Lilith dares him to cast a curse, since their sisters are there. James is tempted to do so, knowing that this would be the best time for him to take advantage of the situation, and a tense standoff begins. Selyse and Jane are too scared to split them up, frightened to find out what will happen.


Lilith encounters the Death Eaters

Their confrontation is abruptly severed when a fearsome explosion is heard and Lilith runs outside to investigate, only to be hit by an Incarcerous spell, which ivies around her legs and causes her to fall forward and see a troupe of Death Eaters rampaging through the camp, causing fires. Seeing several people running about, Lilith guessed that it was a curse aimed by someone else blindly at her. She manages to sever the ropes and turns, before dodging between several running strangers. She returns to the tent and drags her siblings back out. She is sorely tempted to leave Morgaine back in the tent with the probability of her burning with the rest of the camp, but instinct causes her to violently awaken Morgaine and cause her to run after her children. Lilith leads them to the forest, where Selyse is Stunned by one of the drunks who are fleeing the scene. Lilith furiously casts a curse without thinking, which becomes a Blasting Curse that smashes the drunk against a tree, breaking the tree and collapsing it on top of the man. Lilith hastily rescues the man from the wreck she created, before taking Selyse and carrying her after the rest of the family. By the time they return to the Portkey, Lilith is exhausted and collapses on top of it.

The circumstances afterwards are unknown, but Lilith is next seen sitting, half-asleep in the Hogwarts Express. Lilith is fascinated by seeing how powerful she was in the forest, the force of the spell she used being fearsome enough to smash trees. Lilith knows that it is unwise to practise that kind of spell at Hogwarts without alerting unwanted attention. She instead tries to pretend it didn't happen. At the Hogwarts feast, Lilith learns of the involvement of the Durmstrang and Beauxbatons academy in the Triwizard Tournament that is being hosted at Hogwarts this year, and understands she is too young to join considering the age limit is seventeen. She is excited to see that the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher is Alastor 'Mad-Eye' Moody, the overtly fearsome ex-Auror and legend of the First Wizarding War. For the smallest start of the year, she meets several vociferous glances from James, who clearly hasn't forgotten the drunken confrontation he had with her.


Lilith learns about the Triwizard Tournament

During Charms, Lilith casts a faultless Banishing Charm that nearly breaks a nearby desk. She is distraught to discover that, because of the Tournament, the Quidditch matches at Hogwarts have been cancelled for the whole year. She notes the hope that the Tasks are interesting and worth her attention, but at least it means she needn't try and fight for a spot on the team. Lilith enjoys Defence Against the Dark Arts, up until the point where she sees the Killing Curse being used - she has never seen this kind of magic used in front of her before, and the effect startles her. She studies the dead spider afterwards, realising that it has been completely wiped out by the curse - horrified and fascinated, she knows that Defence Against the Dark Arts will be drastically different.

Throughout the year, Lilith begins to anticipate the severe confrontation that she thinks will break out between her and James, but he begins to avoid her throughout the first month of term. She continues to help both her sisters with their homework, becoming tirelessly involved in aiding them a way that James never did. Her intelligence becomes clear to some Ravenclaws, but it is only considered outwardly in acceptance of the Ravenclaw traits. Outside of helping her sisters out, Lilith immerses herself in lessons, and begins to avoid Brian when he tries to talk to her, not wanting to be reminded of the boy who broke her heart. In Divination, she appears to do acceptably, but has no interest in that subject. During a particular session, she looks into a crystal ball and hears herself weeping inside it, and her mother screaming in pain - when Professor Trelawney reacts violently to this, jabbing a finger at Lilith and calling her a 'fearsome dolt with no vision and no subtlety', Lilith is tempted to draw her wand on the Divination teacher - the confrontation is broken up by Neville Longbottom and Pansy Parkinson, and Lilith quietly walks out to demand Professor Flitwick allow her to drop the subject.

After she dropped the subject so theatrically, Lilith shuts herself off, and Fleur Delacour approaches her one day, irritating Lilith with her arrogance and her entitled attitude at Lilith's appearance. She apologises, and tries to befriend Lilith instead. Lilith warily accepts, and talks several times with Fleur, before the First Task takes place. She is shocked to discover that it involves dragons, and watches the battles between the Champions and the dragons with awe in her eyes, astounded by the spectacle created in front of her. She cheers for Fleur when the girl hypnotises her Welsh Green before taking the egg. She is also hugely entertained when Harry uses his broom to take the wand.

Outside of the Task, Lilith transforms into an otter and uses it to travel further into the forest, where she decides to explore further areas of it, coming across an immense Acromantula colony. She doesn't attract its attention, but is amazed when she spots Aragog, the immense king of the Acromantula colony. She also discovers a huge group of centaurs native to the forest, further understanding the breadth of the Forbidden Forest's inhabitants. Lilith, at one point, has a close shave when Gellert attacked her in otter form and she transformed back, frightening him. When she went to the Yule Ball, she invited Seamus Finnegan, a Gryffindor boy in her year, and he agreed to go. They danced at the Ball and shared drinks, until Jane gatecrashed their conversation with the news that James had just broken into the Ravenclaw Common Room.


Lilith goes to face her brother

She rushes up to the Common Room and finds him coming out, stuffing something into his pocket. Lilith produces a Shield Charm to block his way and demands to know what he took - James explains that it's something she doesn't want to know. Lilith tries to stop him escaping, and he draws his wand on her, but suddenly Argus Filch shows up and ushers them both down to the Ball, unknowingly ending a possibly dangeorus fight. James disappears, and Lilith considers Summoning the thing in his pocket to her hand. She instead sneaks upon him and, while he is drunk and kissing a Beauxbatons girl he asked to the Ball, takes the object: It is a letter from one Jacob Moriarty, her father. Shocked, she obeys the urge to open it - inside it is the address of her father's home. Lilith is so shocked that she accidentally tears apart the letter, and then decides to confront James about it.

Days before the Second Task, James grabs Lilith from a crowd and drags her into Moaning Myrtle's bathroom, demanding to know where the letter is. Lilith retorts as to how he knows she had it, and James reveals that Jacob said in his letter that he'd sent duplicates, each detailing Jacob's address, to each of his children - he had sent without Morgaine's knowledge, and she had found out from him too late to send an owl of warning, but an owl only just arrived as the Ball was starting, along with Morgaine's owl, demanding for James to get rid of the other letters. James demands to know the location of her letter, to which she retorts that she destroyed it. She is calm but furious at James for intending to keep a secret from his own sister, to which James defends that she'd insulted him at the Quidditch World Cup, and he had wanted to hurt her since their interrupted argument - he had decided she had no right to know in his opinion.


Lilith with Gellert in the Ravenclaw Common Room

Lilith snaps back that she had a right to know, and James produces his wand and states that Lilith is his younger sister and will keep this a secret from her own younger sisters. Lilith cites their right to know as well, to which he casts a curse. Lilith ducks under the curse and casts a hex back, which James throws himself into a cubicle to avoid. Lilith throws another curse, but James deflects it right back at her and breaks over, vomiting from the effects of the curse. She manages to remove the curse with the Counter-Spell. James attacked again, knocking Lilith against a wall, and Lilith retorted by casting the Reducing Charm on a toilet next to James, causing it to explode water in his face and daze him, when Lilith Disarms her brother. He catches his wand and casts a Knockback Jinx, to which Lilith simultaneously casts a Banishing Charm - the two spells crash together and the resulting explosion blasts the two apart, alerting attention of dozens of students and a furious Professor Snape. Lilith and James are given detention throughout the Second Task, and are thus unable to attend.

In the aftermath of the duel, Lilith turns from her brother and goes straight to find out how the Triwizard Tournament went - she is fascinated to discover that it is essentially a tie between Cedric Diggory and Harry Potter. She congratulates Harry on his victory, lamenting that she was unable to attend - she explains she was in detention, but doesn't divulge why she was in detention. Afterwards, Selyse and Jane walk in on her and say they've heard about the fight, and demand to know why it happened - Lilith explains about the letters from their father, and that James had been opting to destroy them on Morgaine's orders. This angers Selyse, who believes that they have a right to know, and Lilith instead shows them her letter to speed up the process of them finding out. She insists that the two of them do not seek out the address, because Morgaine will be furious with them to a much more violent degree than usual if she ever found out.

Suddenly, Professor Trelawney calls Lilith to her office, which Lilith is initially reluctant to do because their last meeting didn't exactly bode well for either of them, but she does so anyway. She goes to meet with Professor Trelawney, who humbly apologises for her behaviour in the class. Lilith proceeds to accept the apology, when suddenly Professor Trelawney starts weeping hysterically and stating that she has seen something in Lilith that she truly doesn't like. When Lilith asks what it is, the Divination teacher erupts into a prophecy about a Queen of Tears, weeping more violently and her eyes never leaving Lilith for a second - Lilith is mesmerised by the prophecy, and the fact that Professor Trelawney specifically asks for her. She immediately breaks away from the teacher and sprints from the classroom and for the Ravenclaw Common Room, where she digs through her trunks for the Cryptic Coin. She asks the Coin what the Prophecy means, and flips it. When it lands, it shows Morgaine's face.


Lilith's (Very brief) normal reaction to Cedric Diggory's death

When the Third Task comes along, Lilith watches from the audience, supporting Cedric Diggory. She watches the Champions enter the maze but quickly loses interest because not much of the Task is shown to the audience. However, she is jolted back into the Task when suddenly Harry Potter is transported back outside the Maze with Cedric Diggory's corpse, howling that Lord Voldemort has returned. She is very shocked, but quickly becomes fascinated by the sight of Cedric's body, pretending to mourn alongside most of the girls in her year. She accepts that Lord Voldemort has returned, on the basis that it is logically aligning with what she later heard about the Third Task. However, this was quickly cast aside when she begins to fixate on the fact that her mother has been trying to conceal her father from her. This would become her obsession over the summer.

Fifth Year

"Terrible news today: At two thirty this morning, Miss Morgaine Moriarty was found in her home, brutally murdered in the middle of her obliterated living room. There was a huge Dark Mark cast across the house, indicating that this is the work of the malevolent forces of Lord Voldemort, He Who Must Not Be Named, who has fiercely returned to seize his glory. Our hearts go out to her disappeared father Jacob, and her heartbroken children Jane, Selyse, James and Lilith."
—An extract of The Quibbler details the death of Morgaine Moriarty

An enraged Lilith confronts Morgaine

Over the summer, Lilith obsessed over the news about her father and, deciding to confront her mother alone, she orchestrated for James and her sisters to be out of the house at the time of the confrontation - she arranged with her sisters' friends from school to go to Diagon Alley for the day, and lied to Jacob that he had a potential job interview in the Daily Prophet, since James was an aspiring journalist. She then waited for her mother to come home from work and then confronted her in the living room by magically showing a memory of James telling her about the letters. Lilith, originally, acted innocent, sarcastically pointing out the parameters of what she asked James to do. She demanded to know why Morgaine hadn't let them find out about their father, and Morgaine defended that they were her children now, and he was out of her life for good. Lilith instinctively knew she was lying and could suddenly tell, from the evidence around her, that Morgaine had been seeing Jacob again for a while.

Enraged, Lilith screamed at her mother, stating that Jacob was their father as much as he was her husband, which Morgaine understands. Morgaine tries to calm Lilith, but Lilith snaps at her, tirading about how much pain she has been directing at Lilith all her life for being similar physically to her father, and now she's hypocritically reuniting in secret with that same person. Morgaine and Lilith are both in tears at this point, and Morgaine pulls out her wand to try and convince Lilith to shut up. Lilith transforms into an otter to avoid the curse that comes, before sneaking up behind Morgaine and cursing her from behind. Morgaine is thrown against a window and recovered her wand. A raging duel breaks out that trashes the house, and Lilith snatches Morgaine's wand at some point and then magically slits her mother's throat, killing her in a savage rage. Recovering moments later from the rage, Lilith realises what she has done and suffers a panic attack, before resolving how to cover up her tracks - she had used her mother's wand to kill her, not her own. Lilith magically disguised herself and, remembering the Quiddtich World Cup incident, cast the Dark Mark into the sky, before snapping her mother's wand and leaving the scene.


Lilith cries in front of Cornelius Fudge when they discuss Morgaine's murder

She then collected her sisters and brought them back home as if everything was normal, and used her phenomenal acting skills to pretend that she hadn't caused the destruction found in the house. She managed to cry on purpose to further this illusion, and her mother's murder was blamed by the Quibbler on Voldemort, but on Sirius Black by the Ministry of Magic. When she is interviewed by the Daily Prophet, she gives a heartfelt speech to the Wizarding World that she wants the coward who murdered her mother to be torn apart for what he or she has done. She also blames her mother's death on Death Eaters, which causes a stir in the public interview, since Daily Prophet writers are reluctant to admit that Voldemort is back, as per Fudge's similar opinion on the matter. Fudge tries to convince Lilith to support him by withdrawing her suggestion and instead blaming it on Sirius Black, but she stands by it and is thus labelled as unstable due to Morgaine's murder. She achieves immense sympathy from the wizarding public for her performance, and she pretends to struggle with consoling her siblings. James distances himself from his siblings since Morgaine apparently favoured him over the others.

Returning to Hogwarts, Lilith learns that the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher is Professor Dolores Umbridge, a Ministry official and a renowned supremacist. She is silently enraged during Umbridge's speech, deducing hwo the Ministry is interfering with Hogwarts. Inevitably, Umbridge summons Lilith to her office and tries to offer her sympathy, when she reveals very quickly that she wants Lilith to be a spy for her in Ravenclaw House to find supporters of Harry Potter. Reluctant due to her dislike for the Ministry and a personal contempt for their stupidity surrounding how they easily fell into her deception, Lilith refuses, and Umbridge allows her to leave. She is further pressured by the fact that she will be incapable of practising practical Defence Against the Dark Arts under the new Ministry-approved curriculum. However, she begins to enjoy other subjects even more, triumphing in Charms by performing a perfect Silencing Charm and surprising Professor Flitwick by casting a faultless Banishing Charm, which she is of course already proficient in.

Dumbledore's Army

Lilith in the Hog's Head, learning about Dumbledore's Army

Lilith was present during the DADA classes when Harry Potter voiced his opinion that Voldemort had returned, and was fuming at the sight of the former getting detention for it, in spite of the inevitable fact that it was true. Lilith was further incensed by the fact that Umbridge started developing a totalitarian control over Hogwarts, with so many restrictions that Lilith felt pressured into trying not to get into trouble. Lilith was one of the multiple students called to the Hog's Head for the announcement of Dumbledore's Army's initiation, which she was ecstatic about. She brought all of her siblings there, and James actually was impressed by the idea. Lilith was one of the first to sign up for Dumbledore's Army, and in the ensuing meetings when Harry would train them to perform several spells. Lilith easily mastered the Shield Charm and the Reductor Curse, and found herself doing a surprising number of the spells she'd used in duels with her brother and in the fateful duel with her mother. She hugely enjoyed the meetings, and impressed Harry with her prowess.

The Ravenclaw Quidditch Team continued to triumph in Quidditch matches with Lilith as the Chaser, scoring a number of climactic goals that earned her considerable respect among the new First Years, who all revered her. When Lilith scored a goal that also knocked the Keeper from her broom, Lilith personally apologised, earning her the further respect of her head of house. At some point, she was approached by Rita Skeeter, who hounded her dangerously hard about her mother's death - during an argument with her, Rita named her 'Little Miss Wallflower', considering she hopes to blend into the area she inhabits despite her innate potential to be at least exceptional. This insulted Lilith, who threatened to speak to Professor Snape about the things Skeeter had said about him during Lilith and Skeeter's many conversations. The callous reporter left her alone after that. However, Umbridge revealed that Skeeter had gone to her about what Lilith had threatened to do, and she received a month of detention, which forced her to miss several meetings of Dumbledore's Army.

On the bright side, when she did continue her Dumbledore's Army meetings, she impressed Hermione by performing a faultless Patronus Charm, and even tutored Selyse and Jane into performing their own Patronuses - Selyse produced a corporeal one in the shape of a hummingbird, and Jane in the shape of a coyote. Hermione even approached her to ask how she performed a Patronus so easily and so powerfully, but Lilith was reluctant to divulge this - she admitted that there was one particular memory that enabled her to perform this feat, but explained that it wasn't Brian Graybridge since she'd decided to cast him out of her life.


Lilith learns more about her father

She once saw Brian during a DA lesson, but didn't approach him. Over Christmas, Lilith and her siblings were invited to stay at Number 12 Grimmauld Place with the Weasleys, and Lilith approached Remus Lupin. She asked if he knew anything about her father, since Morgaine had never said anything beyond her physical similarities - she learns from the werewolf that Jacob Moriarty was an accomplished Auror who worked alongside Mad-Eye Moody in the prime of his career and was fiercely admired for his devotion to the Auror Office. Nobody had heard of Morgaine until Jacob married her, and soon into their marriage, at which point James, Lilith, Selyse and Jane had been born. They never heard from him again afterwards. Fascinated, Liltih understands that her father was a great man to many, but this renders her situation more complex because it doesn't answer why such a great man would abandon his family.

On Christmas Eve morning, Lilith continued to track her father based on the address his letters gave. She traced the address to a large house, where she spies the man she recognises as Jacob Moriarty leaving the house. She is surprised by his ordinariness, and notices that they are physically similar in so many ways. She watches him leave, when suddenly she is shocked to see a woman rush out of the house and embrace him, carrying an infant in one hand and with a five year old girl trailing after her. This horrifies Lilith, who rushes away from the house and returns to the Burrow. She knows that what she has seen means that Jacob has another family. She watches the house for several days in otter form, and learns from these observations that the woman is Katrina Carrow, and the two children are named are Mary and William Moriarty - she has two half-siblings. She decides not tell either of her siblings this, especially James. This causes her to lose all respect for her father.


Lilith Moriarty kills her father

Before term resumed, Lilith sought to confront her father once and for all. She travelled to her father's house, where she waits for him to return from his work in a Muggle newsagent's. At first, Lilith is mistaken for a burglar and he draws his wand on her, but she Disarms him, revealing her status as a witch. Lilith identifies herself to him as Morgaine Moriarty's first daughter, which shocks Jacob and he realises that she has grown up since the last time he saw her - rather idiotic, since he only last saw her when she was an infant. Lilith holds him at the point of a wand and demands to know how long he has had a second family - he answers that he had been seeing Katrina since five years after he left Morgaine, but they hadn't decided to have children until long after. He says that he intends to make it up to Morgaine and leave Katrina, once his children by Katrina are at Hogwarts. Lilith answers that Morgaine is unable to see him presently, because Lilith has killed her. This impacts massively on Jacob, and Liltih continues by ranting how Jacob abandoning Lilith to her mother has transformed her into the creature he sees before him. Jacob goes for his wand, but Lilith summons it to her hand and, for the first time, uses the Killing Curse, murdering her father. Hearing Jacob crash into a bookcase, Katrina comes in and Lilith takes Jacob's wand and kills her too. She hears the sound of an infant William howling, frightened from the sound he hears downstairs. Just like she did with her mother, Lilith left and cast the Dark Mark into the sky with Jacob's wand and then transforms into her Animagus form and flees.
"Then a fearsome wail that would put Moaning Myrtle to shame rattled through the hall and Harry turned his head to see Lilith Moriarty storming down the corridor and then collapsing against a wall, howling, tears pulsing from her eyes as she covered her face with her hands. Hermione and Ginny rushed over and wrapped their arms around Lilith, with Ginny whispering unheard words of comfort into her ear. Harry didn't need to be told what was happening to her - the Daily Prophet told him everything he needed to know. But he had never seen Lilith react to anything so fiercely."
—Lilith's 'heartbroken' reaction to her parents' murders, which she committed
With her father and half-mother dead and her half-siblings orphaned, Lilith becomes strangely silent for the opening of term, in constant contemplation of what she has done. She left Jacob and Katrina's wands at the scene so there was evidence as to who committed the murders, and the Dark Mark was tied with the Carrow siblings, since Katrina was a cousin of Alecto and Amycus, and a manhunt started for the two of them. In the meantime, Lilith acted completely normally, until it was reported in the Daily Prophet how Jacob Moriarty and his wife had been murdered. This shocks James, Selyse and Jane, and Lilith does a phenomenal job in mimicking horror and despair, earning the sympathy of the wizarding community. She receives several sympathies from siblings at Hogwarts and Professor Flitwick tries to console her several times when she feigns being sad.

Lilith continues in the DA meetings, until the Inquisitorial Squad attacked the Room of Requirement during one lesson. Lilith and James protected Selyse and Jane by magically propelling them out of the way, before battling Blaise Zabini and Pansy Parkinson in a tense duel, during which James Disarmed Pansy, and Lilith repelled the two of them by conjuring a huge colony of purple ants which overwhelmed him, and using a using a full Body-Bind Curse to paralyse Pansy. They are surrounded by members of the Squad, though, and Lilith Apparates her sisters out of the Room of Requirement and erases their names from the list to protect them. James agrees to this so that they can protect their younger, more vulnerable siblings from Umbridge.


Lilith's fearsome breakdown at the end of an OWL exam

When the present members of Dumbledore's Army were apprehended, Lilith responded by casting a Stinging Jinx on him, and he responded by pounding her in the stomach. She worsened the Stinging Jinx and Crabbe collapsed under the pain and Lilith was dragged away by Fudge to be questioned by the Ministry of Magic. It is unclear how this interview went, but it is known that Lilith pretended that her sisters were not present, and James did the same. With Dumbledore's Army disbanded, Lilith was forced to discontinue her learning of magical defence. She continued to study for her OWL exams.

However, she is shown to have become impacted by her situation surrounding her parents when, during an OWL exam, Lilith experiences a savage breakdown and, at the end of the exam in which she did brilliantly, Lilith storms from the hall and charges down several corridors before collapsing on the Third Floor and exploding into tears that rock through the floor. Hermione, hearing this and seeing Lilith in despair, rushes over and comforts her classmate, while she and Ginny embrace her and try to calm her down. Luna helps take her back to the Ravenclaw Common room, where her despair even provokes Gellert into staying away from her. Luna stays for several hours with Lilith until she calms down.

The next day, Lilith has turned white as a sheet from sleeplessness and emotional stress, since the Prophet has been hounding her for her view on her father's death and who will adopt her. Hermione and Harry shift over to her at breakfast and Harry offers his sympathies, since he lost both of his parents, and Hermione assures Lilith that everything will improve in a while and she will forever remember her parents, even if her father was not in her life for long. At this point, Lilith has been feigning further extents of her despair. She is one of the members of Dumbledore's Army who is ascertained by the Inquisitorial Squad once Harry Potter tries to contact Grimmauld Place. She is interrogated by a vengeful Pansy Parkinson, and brought before Umbridge. When Harry and Hermione lure Umbridge into the Forest, and the rest of the group are alone with the Inquisitorial Squad, they rebel and attack. Lilith overpowers Pansy by casting a curse that transforms her hair into thin, sharp scorpion tails that prick at her face over and over again, allowing Lilith to escape with the rest of the group.


Dumbledore's Army battle the Death Eaters

She joined Harry and the rest of the group in venturing to the Ministry of Magic to save Sirius Black. Harry remarked that Lilith's mood had changed completely when she got the chance to fight by them. It is discovered that Sirius isn't there, and that they have instead fallen into a trap: Death Eaters appear, with Lucius Malfoy at the head. In the ensuing Battle of the Department of Mysteries, Lilith was separated from the group when Avery and Mulciber pursues her through a chamber, where gravity is erased and she gets a black eye crashing into the ceiling of the chamber as a result. Avery fires curses at her, magically steadying himself in the chamber, and she deflects one into his leg, causing it to fester with a net of violent sores. Lilith soars through the other door of the chamber and enters the Death Chamber, where Mulciber stands in for Avery, who is still crashing around in the Gravity Chamber.

Lilith is Stunned in the back, and when she falls she loses her wand and rolls around, dodging curses from the Death Eater. She finally retrieves her wand and overpowers her attacker with a Stunning Charm so powerful it throws him high into the air. At this point, Lilith is drawn towards the Veil, hearing the voices of her mother and father, which entrances her towards it. The Death Eaters catch up with them and Avery, who has a broken arm from the fall. He restrains her with his good hand, since his wand was also shattered during the fall. He does manage to seize her, but the Order of the Phoenix arrive and a pitched battle erupts between them. In the battle, Lilith elbows Avery hard in the face and smashes his nose, before cursing him so hard in the face that his eyes bulge to the size of records. Remus Lupin pulls Lilith out of the fray, even though she tries to re-enter the fight, Remus explains that Dumbledore ordered her protection. She witnesses Sirius Black's death and is hounded by reporters of the Prophet as Lupin guides her out of the Ministry of Magic. She earns fifty points for Ravenclaw for her involvement in the battle.

A year in exile


Applauded by her House for fighting in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, as well as by her siblings, Lilith learned that they were to be adopted by Hestia Jones. At some point in the Summer, Lilith was confronted by a journalist for the Daily Prophet named Selene Gallow. Selene revealed to Lilith that she had left evidence of her father's murder: When Lilith had confronted Jacob and Disarmed him, his wand's allegiance had transferred to her and thus it registered that Lilith Moriarty had cast the curse that killed Jacob and his new wife. This stuns Lilith, who realises the unfortunate mistake she made in covering herself up. Selene attempts to blackmail Lilith with this information, but Lilith proves immune to any deal, so Selen threatens to release this evidence to the new, more efficient Minister for Magic Rufus Scrimegeor. Lilith responds by threatening her if she even breaths a word of it. A fight ensues and Lilith kills Selene by collapsing a bridge on top of her with the Reductor Curse.


Lilith is offered the chance to leave Hogwarts

In the process of covering up the murder, she realised there were several Muggle witnesses to her fight with Selen and she tracked each of them down, editing their minds with a Memory Charm. However, she made the mistake of using her own wand, and was forced to break her wand in half and throw it away because she had no idea how to erase spell history from the wand. She purchased another one from Ollivander's before he was captured by Death Eaters. However, days before term resumed, Lilith was visited privately by Albus Dumbledore himself, and he presented her with her wand - he had repaired it himself, and had gone through the spells it had cast. He knew that she had modified the memories of those Muggles, and thus was behind Selene Gallow's murder.

He gave her a chance to leave Hogwarts, before he handed her wand over to the Ministry. Lilith knew that she couldn't go to Azkaban, so she agreed, knowing also that she couldn't kill Dumbledore like she'd done Selene or her parents. She left the Jones household and was thus unable to attend Hogwarts. She didn't leave a note for either of her siblings in order to protect them.

In hiding


In hiding, Lilith speaks absent-mindedly with a Muggle schoolgirl

She went into hiding in hiding in a Muggle secondary school, where she maintained a low profile by disguising her intelligence and isolating herself from the other students. One day, she got to talking with one of her classmates, during which she hinted that her parents were unable to keep her - she didn't say that her parents had been killed by her, or that Dumbledore had actually asked her to leave Hogwarts. The girl, identifying herself as Lindsay, says taht her parents are both in prison for abusing her brother, and Lilith answers that her mother once abused her, and at last kicked her out of the house. This conversation was interrupted when Rita Skeeter approached her abruptly, and hinted that she'd been eavesdropping on her house. Lilith argued with Rita when the latter hinted at Lilith being a murderer. The argument became heated and Lindsay tried to break it up, prompting Rita to magically put her to sleep where she stood.

Outraged at the unwarranted attack on a Muggle, Lilith cursed Rita, knocking her unconscious and modifying her memory so that she didn't remember meeting Lilith that day. She also modified Lindsay's memory, so she didn't remember their conversation. She left the school and went further into hiding. Her absence at Hogwarts is widely noticed, with Harry noticing that James is spending more time with his sisters than he did when Lilith was around - he thinks that Selyse and Jane have turned to him because she's the closest thing to Lilith they can hope for (Hermione has the intelligence, and Ginny the kindness, but James is the only immediate family that they have left). Hermione remarks that she misses being intellectually sparred with by Lilith, who had always been competitive.

Harry, at one point, asks Dumbledore where Lilith is and he answers that some complications led to her being unable to attend Hogwarts this year. At Christmas, Selyse rushes after what she thinks is Lilith's jaguar Pantronus. She follows the Patronus, and it leads to a spot in a forest where the Patronus turns and speaks with Lilith's voice, announcing that she must stay with James whenever she can, especially at the climax of June that year. This confusing message is lost on both Jane and Selyse, but Selyse convinces Jane that they listen to Lilith, but they are both perplexed as to why Lilith can't show up herself.

The House of the Mirror Men

In March that year, Lilith happened upon a mysterious hovel that she mistook for her old family home - she enters the house when she sees a shade of her mother in the window. Upon entering the house, the front door slams brutally behind her and, when she tries to open it magically, it stays firmly shut, even after Lilith uses a Reductor Curse. She turns and tries to cast Lumos, but finds that she is unable to do that too. She locates a candlestick and finds that she can magically ignite it. Using it to navigate the house, she searches several corridors, following the opposite direction to wherever she hears her mother's voice calling her. Unsure what is happening, she yells to know who is in the house with her. She sees a large ornate mirror in the hall of the house - the Mirror of Erised.

When she looks into the Mirror, she sees an image of herself, her sisters, James and her father, standing on the foot of their house, smiling, surrounded by Hogwarts students who are all talking and embracing and acting like they couldn't be closer to friends. She is so fixated on the mirror that she doesn't realise that there are mirrors appearing on the walls all around her and there are faceless figures lingering in each of them. One of these figures speaks telepathically to her and Lilith demands to know what she is seeing, to which she is told that she is seeing what could never, ever come to pass. Lilith is enraged and throws the candlestick at the nearest mirror, only for one of the figures to reach out of the mirror and to catch it. Shocked, Lilith backs off and draws her wand and the figures, in unison, welcome her to 'the House of the Mirror Men'.

Lilith immediately deduces that the more distressed she becomes, the stronger these figures become, but then senses something else approaching with the Mirror Men - the same exact feeling she experiences when she encounters the Dementors. She rushes to leave the house, but the Dementors have already arrived and Lilith casts a Patronus to ward them off - the Patronus is inexplicably unable to leave the house and confront the Dementors, and the closer they come the narrower its circuits become. Lilith, knowing that the Dementors are blind, resolves that casting a spell that would hide her physically would not work, and thus Apparates outside the house, where she casts a Reductor Curse so powerful that it rips the house apart, scattering the Dementors. Shaken from her experiences, Lilith rushes out of sight before a group of Muggles appear to see what has happened.

Sixth Year

Battle of the Astronomy Tower

Physical appearance

Lilith had long, dark-brown hair that she often allowed to lengthen past her shoulders - she placed it in an elaborate plait at the Yule Ball on the rare occasion that she intentionally looked pretty. She had a silky, mystical voice that she often kept in a hushed tone - whenever she became distraught or lost her temper, Lilith's voice would be like an angry tiger.

Lilith was considered very pretty by some, in spite of her being very thin and never paying that much attention to her appearance when she had the opportunity. She had a curved jaw and fresh skin, a particularly soft shade of red on her cheeks and her shoulders are very arched. She tended to dress very casually, and while she was at home she favoured simple clothes and kept her hair uncombed - mainly due to the stress and terror brought on by her mother.

Personality and Traits

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