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The Lifetime Concealment Charm (inc: vivixitum specialis), like its cousin spell the Fidelius Charm, is meant to keep things hidden from others. While the Fidelius Charm hides knowledge within a person, the Concealment Charm hides objects within their surroundings. Unlike the Fidelius Charm, the Concealment Charm cannot be circumvented when the caster reveals the location of the object to another.

The casting of the spell involves a small sample of the caster's biological material — tears and blood tend to be the most commonly used — and as a result, any object enchanted with the Lifetime Concealment Charm becomes hidden for the duration of the caster's life, and will only become visible again at the moment that the caster dies.

Ever more complicated variations of the spell can be put in place by two or more casters, in which cases the concealed object will remain hidden until all of the casters have died. Additional casters may also be added to the concealment after the initial casting, extending the effect of the spell beyond a single generation.

As it is one of a very few entirely irreversible spells, it is not used frivolously.


Vivo vixi victum (Latin): "to live, be alive"

Specialis (Latin): "secret"

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