Leonard is a Human-like High Demon in the Dark Destiny Series whom gets in contact with Harry at a young age to recruit him for his goals, through teaching Harry to embrace the piece of the Dark Lord within him causing it to be fully assimilated, a gateway for the plans set by Leonard's Masters.


Pre-Harry Potter Series History

Birth of Darkness

The Unbound Seals

The Rule of Darkness

Personality and traits

Leonard is seemingly a trusting and kind young man, preferring to see the good in everyone rather then viewing anyone with distrust. Leonard embraces new friendships with vigor, and quickly forms strong bonds with those he shares time with. Given half a chance, Leonard will go to bat for his friends and fight as hard as he can. Most notably would be that he considers Harry a friend, despite the fact he is using him to complete his goals, changing future events just to complete his mission.

Physical Appearance


Equipment, Powers and Abilities


  • The name "Leonard", like "Leo" and "Leon", means "Bold Lion".
  • The Demon "Leonard" is the Demon Master of Black Magic and Sorcery.

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