Template:Gryffindor individual infoboxLavender Elizabeth Weasley (née Brown) (b. 4 December 1979) was a pure-blood witch and daughter of Alfred and Matilda Brown. She began attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1991 and was Sorted into Gryffindor. At school, she became best friends with Parvati Patil with whom she shared many interests, such as a love for Divination and gossip.

During school, Lavender and Parvati shared a dorm with Hermione Granger. From her third year onward, Lavender began studying Divination, which she was extraordinarily fascinated by and grew to respect Professor Sybill Trelawney. In her fifth year, Lavender joined Dumbledore's Army, an organization led by Harry Potter initially dedicated to teaching proper Defence outside of classes, but by the time of the Takeover of Hogwarts became an organized resistance against the Death Eaters. During her sixth year, she began dating Ron Weasley, but the pair broke up in the summer as Ron opted to join Harry and Hermione in hunting for horcruxes. However, after Ron walked out on the pair, he resumed contact with her via Owl post and got back together before the Battle of Hogwarts. During the Battle, Lavender was attacked by Fenrir Greyback but was saved by Harry and Hermione. Although she was scratched on the neck, much like Bill Weasley, she only developed wolfish tendencies and didn't turn into a full werewolf.

After the war, Lavender and Ron's relationship blossomed. They wed at the Burrow 2001 and incredibly, had five children; Barnibus VictorCaspar HadrianRose PenelopeHugo Bertramus and Thomas Nigellus Weasley. Although Lavender returned to Hogwarts to finish her last year, she decided not to pursue a career and instead become a stay at home wife. Lavender would later become the godmother of James Rubeus Potter, Harry and Hermione's eldest child, much to Ron's chagrin.