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  Larry Albo
Gender  Male
Born  1994
Blood  Pureblood
Alias  Youngblood
Occupation  student
Affiliation  Charmbridge Academy

Larry Albo (b. 1994) attended Charmbridge Academy from 2005 to 2012. He is an Old Colonial.

He and the Rash brothers confronted Constance and Forbearance Pritchard in the cafeteria at Grundy's to order them to move to their table where a group of Ozarkers and other Pure-bloods were sitting in order to sit "with their own kind." When he called Anna Chu, Alexandra Quick and David Washington "mudbloods," Quick attempted to hex him, but he prevented it. When she kicked him in the kneecap, he slapped her, and she responded by kicking him in the groin and shoulder-slammed him into the ground. The fight was broken up by Gwendolyn Adams and members of the Grundy's staff. The Rash brothers were admonished by Tabitha Speaks for using the slur, and did not approach the sixth-graders again in the Goblin Market.

Eigth Grade

Along with Quick, Washington and the Rash brothers, Albo received two weeks of detention, to be served under Ben Journey, and an essay on how student behavior reflect on the Academy, for his part in the Grundy's fight. During a Practical Magical Exercise class, he mocked Quick for placing in five Remedial classes, but she stood up to his abuse. He and the Rash brothers were among the first to latch onto the nickname of Troublesome that the Pritchard sisters gave to Alex. When Professor Shirtliffe visited his P.M.E. class with a transfiguration challenge, he attempted an accio charm on an enormous bronze statue, and later mocked Quick's successful use of doggerel verse.

As their detentions progressed, Albo and the Rash brothers jinxed Quick's mops and sponges, and began using creohumus spells to litter areas that she had already cleaned. Quick relatialed by enchanting Albo's Clockworks to attack him, which they did in the stables, leaving Albo and the Rash brothers battered and soaked. Larry called Journey a "sentimental airy-fairy Radicalist," and later flew recklessly close to Chu in P.M.E. class, prompting Quick to hurl a quod at Benjamin Rash. Albo chased her into a game of chicken that he ultimately lost, and both were called to Dean Grimm's office where they were given three additional months of detention and were banned, along with Washington and the Rash brothers, from sports and flying for the remainder of the semester.

He later joined the Charmbridge Dueling Club.

Ninth Grade

Tenth Grade

In the Fall of 2009, Albo defeated Quick to win the 2009 Halloween Dueling Competition.


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