The Laqtinujid dynasty, also known as the Amilanid dynasty, was the first dynasty to rule over the Atlantean Empire, having its origins as the second ruling house of the Idloatean Kingdom. This dynasty rose to prominence amongst the warring kingdoms of the ancient world after the Second War of Ascendency, when Amilanius took control of the Idloatean Kingdom and unified the tribes of the world, founding the Atlantean Empire. It became extinct after the death of Protion III, his successor being Aernaion, a nephew of Nergal VI and grandson of Ampaloperion I, who decided to found a dynasty of his own.


Ruling House of Idloatai
Preceded by:
House of Idloatai
? - 4311 Succeeded by:
None; Itself as ruling house of Al-Antidia
Ruling House of the Al-Antidian Empire
Preceded by:
4311 - 7951 Succeeded by:
Aernaionid dynasty

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