Ladies Of Cold are beings that exists in fennoscandia and in the baltic countries.They are very Dangerous beings that The Finnish Ministry of Magic,Norweigian Ministry,Estonian Ministry and all the other Magic Ministries in the fennoscandia and baltic countries need to keep an eye on and keep away from non magical areas populated by muggles.


They look like beautiful maidens (similiar to veelas) but are very pale,have frosty ice white and blue and as stated before very dangerous,they can by no means work as Veelas like being able to breed with humans.


If you look too long in an Lady Of Cold`s eyes too long then not only your body will freeze to ice,but your intestines,blood,bones will freeze to ice.Their singing is like an low-level imperius curse, that they use to attract people that are not concentrated on who they are.They can summon big sharp ice spears from the ground and from their hands and throw them.Their breath can turn people and inanimate objects into "Slaves"


  • The Ladies Of Cold is based of a charachter in the finnish book series moomin with same name known as The Lady of Cold

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