King of Idloatai was the title of the hereditary monarch of the city-kingdom of Idloatai. The last individual to hold the title was be Amilanius, who became the founder the Al-Antidian Empire, assuming the title of Divine Sovereign.

List of Idloatean monarchs

House of Idloatai

Name Reign Notes
Idloatai I n/a Founder of the Kingdom of Idloatai
Idloatai II n/a Son of Idloatai I
Conquxitpai I n/a Son of Idloatai II
Idloatai III n/a Son of Conquxitpai I
Conquxitpai II n/a Son of Idloatai III
Nergal I n/a Son of Conquxitpai II

House of Laqtinuj

Name Reign Notes
Laqtinuj n/a matrilineal grandson of Idloatai III
Nergal II n/a son of Laqtinuj
Nergal III n/a son of Nergal II
Barzlthi n/a son of Nergal III
Kalthaia I n/a daughter of Barzlthi
Nergal IV n/a son of Kalthaia I
Protion I n/a son of Nergal IV
Amilanius n/a bastard son of Nergal IV; founder of the Al-Antidian Empire


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