Katherine Romanova was a witch, and Harry Potter's classmate. She lived in Pennsylvania, USA, but moved to England, Great Britain for most of her childhood, then moved to live in New York City, New York, USA.


Early life

Katherine Romanova was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and had a pretty great life, but when she was 5, she, and her family, was attacked by Grigori Rasputin and were forced to hide in the sewers. During their few moments of hiding, Grigori Rasputin found them and were killed off, but she and her sister, Pearl. Before he could kill them though, he was defeated by the MACUSA, and disappeared without a trace. She was separated from her sister, and taken and put in an orphanage, Mrs. Hawkins's Orphanage (spray painted an X over "orphanage" and put "torture house" over it by orphans) for Boys and Girls. Here she would befriend met Samantha Harward. And together, they would experience something far worse than death, at the hands of Mrs Hawkins and her blood-thirsty doberman pinscher named Bloodhound. After a few months of torture, she and Samantha escaped the orphanage. They were caught roaming the streets at night, and ran for miles, until caught in a roundabout. Before she was arrested however, her uncle, Vincent Romanova, came, and took her in, and he told her that her sister was with her. As for Samantha, she stole a police motorcycle, and rode off with it, never to be seen again. Vincent would attempt to heal his niece's barbed whip scars after being taken home, but failed. She got her wand when she was 10, when she handled it, a pearl-white shield glowed around Katherine, and healing all wounds, and the permanent barbed whip scars vanished. The wandmaker, Violetta Beauvais, told her that this wand is destined to protect someone great, with numerous tasks. And noted that that "someone" is her. Then her uncle bought the wand.

Life in England

They moved to England when she was 11 because her father lost his job. She attended Hogwarts and after 123 seconds of deciding between Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, she was ultimately sorted into Hufflepuff, and her sister was sorted into Gryffindor. During her first year of Hogwarts, she was extremely shy at first, but soon met a few friends, Jacob Fredrickson, and Sid Phillips. After learning that she also needed protection, Dumbledore assigned Peter the Pyromancer, to become Katherine's personal bodyguard. Her second year, since she was muggle-born, she was sent home after witnessing Hermione Granger petrification, but returned the following year. Her third year, Jacob became Katherine's boyfriend, despite Sid's ambition. Her fourth year, she attended the brief start of the Triwizard Tournament, where she encountered the thought "dead", Samantha Harward, where it was proven that she hid from the fuzz, and attended the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. During the second task throughout to Cedric's death, she, Jacob, and Sid returned Griggle, a baby forest troll to his parents, though they lived very deep in the Forbidden Forest on Myrtle's request, and encountered Mosag, Aragog's wife and her clan of spiders, five blast-ended skrewts, four manticores, three werewolves, two fire crabs, and a hydra, which they all wanted to eat the troll and the Hufflepuff Trio. Thankfully, Peter the Pyromancer used just enough magic to kill the hydra. Peter the Pyromancer caught up to them, he helped return the troll in a more careful manner. After returning the troll, they wash themselves, and sneak in the troll hoard, while the distracted the troll family with it's young. Katherine takes a diricawl, she named Plumpy, as Jacob gets a book (written in Russian) called the Life of Rasputin: by Nicolas Flame, as Sid attempts to take as much gold he can carry, but was stopped by Peter. After getting back to Hogwarts riding unicorns, they were there just in time when they heard Dumbledore mention Cedric's death. Later that year, he should have expelled them, but instead, they each lost 100 points from Hufflepuff, for running away from school. Then added 20 points for each of them, for doing an extremely dangerous, wouldn't-have-survived, task, that not even Harry, he mentioned, wouldn't even do. She and her friends would have to retake their fourth year, the following year. Before the summer, Jacob and Katherine mutually broke up, for it not going to work as she is moving back to America to complete her schooling, for her father got his job back. Sid then celebrated their break up, which in turn, broke their hearts.

Moving to New York

She would move to New York where she would transition to Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for her retaken fourth year, and be sorted into Horned Serpent as her sister was sorted into Thunderbird. The very next day, she met Dimitri Cleveland, who became her boyfriend. During her retaken fourth year, she was able to secretly decipher the Russian into English. She found out about Rasputin's Reliquary, and learned how to destroy it; "no magical enchantment can destroy it", which means it has to be destroyed, physically. During her Fifth year, Hazel Jackson, the top girl in Horned Serpent house being an absolute jerk, caused Katherine to hide. Dimitri found her studying behind the very snakewood tree that grew from the ground where Salazar Slytherin's wand was buried. He talked to her about how a very great person she was, and mentioning that she helped a newborn Horned Serpent find her mother. He stated that Hazel and him will never happen. She also mentioned a rumor that she's actually a Lethifold in disguise. In her Sixth Year, she was able to attend the Ilvermorny Prom, which she was trenched by Hazel with Fishy Green Ale. Dimitri then proceeded to call Hazel a very cruel name. Offended, she pushed him aside, to attempt the Cruciatus Curse on Katherine, but was stopped by the Headmaster and Headmistress. She was then expelled for attempting an Unforgivable Curse, and almost every student, including Katherine and Dimitri, sighed in relief.

The Battle of Hogwarts

She and her sister returned to Hogwarts with Dimitri before the Battle of Hogwarts using apparition, where she, Pearl, and Dimitri, witnessed the death of her friend, Samantha Harward, her best friend (at the hand of Rasputin's Chimaera), and Sid Phillips, another best friend of hers (at the hands of Lord Voldemort), and presumably Jacob's death, as seen being taken by robed figures. They went back to New York City after the battle to finish her schooling. When the three got back, the sun was barely peaking over the horizon.

Life in New York

In 1999, she got a job at the MACUSA, took her father's place as the MACUSA's Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Then in 2001, she and Dimitri Cleveland fell in love and married in 2004, which was crashed by Hazel Jackson, who stalked Dimitri at Ilvermorny school, but was expelled when attempting the Cruciatus Curse on Katherine at the Ilvermorny Prom. She then tried to use the Killing Curse on Katherine, which she blocked only mere centimeters. Vincent Romanova stepped in to protect his niece, but was successfully killed by Hazel. Her sister, Pearl Romanova, finally cuffed Hazel. She was then executed by Katherine in the Death Cell. She had twins on March 17, 2006, Marlayna Katherine Romanova-Cleveland, the eldest, and David Nicholas Romanova-Cleveland. In 2014, Obero Arentem, a secret agent of Rasputin, like Hazel, attacked the Public theater of New York City. Pearl was killed by a poisoned dart shooting plant. Katherine then went berserk, and kept using an electric spell on Obero Arentem, but was stopped, thankfully, by Dimitri. Katherine then wept in Dimitri's robes, and he comforted her, as he looked at Pearl's dead body. In 2016, she was fired from Head of MACUSA's Department of Magical Law Enforcement, because of the debate over Rasputin's existence. She got a job at Kowalski Quality Baked Goods. In 2018, and with help of her husband, she went undercover around Hogwarts for 5 years, under a proposal Stinging Jinx daily. Why she was there was she figured out that in Nicolas Flamel's Life of Rasputin, Rasputin was expelled from Hogwarts, so he attended Durmstrang, and he sought revenge on Hogwarts, after he killed the Romanovas, and plans to strike Hogwarts untimely.

Capture by the Ministry

During Albus's sixth year at Hogwarts, Hogwarts was attacked by Alfred Cleveland, Dimitri's father, using Atomic Roculus. She briefly fought Alfred, before he disapparated. She was spotted near the bridge of the Viaduct Courtyard. She was caught by Fay Dunbar, an auror of the Ministry, who also used the Revelio Charm on her Stinging Jinx, and revealed her true identity. She was then taken in the Ministry for attacking Hogwarts, but Alfred made it seem that she was guilty.

Katherine's Case Part 1

Harry lead the case (thou he believed Rasputin was mythical), which he had two days to figure it out or she'll be sentenced to death in the hands of the MACUSA. Harry spent all night getting info from Katherine, and still believed that Rasputin is mythical, but Ron believed her. She extracted her own memories, and put them in a vile, to prove her innocence. Harry went back into his office, where he took out Dumbledore's old pensieve, and experienced her thoughts and fears, and the truth. After looking up to Ron, he grabbed his old classmate, Draco Malfoy, to and interrogated Albus and Scorpius. They both rejected, and disbelieved that the knew Rasputin (they were in Rasputin's memory-lock charm). Harry was forced to use Legilimency on Albus, as Draco did with Scorpius, right as Peter the Pyromancer fought Rasputin at his dark castle, and knocked down the spell. Harry, Draco, Albus, and Scorpius immediately flew to different corners of the room, as Ron and the New Headmistress, Mackenzie McJennyson stood in fear. When they got up, Albus and Scorpius, confesses that they went snooping, and accidentally, found out about his plan to kill Katherine.

Katherine's Case Part 2

While that was happening, Hermione, losing her patience accused Katherine with treason, and sentenced her to death, by the Death Cell, by Alfred Cleveland. She, Hermione, Alfred Cleveland, and both British Ministry of Magic and MACUSA aurors flew back to New York, and into the MACUSA's headquarters. Dimitri was heartbrokenly forced to remove Katherine's memories. Right before he did so, Harry, Draco, Ron, and Peter bursted into the cell, and stopped the execution. They proved Alfred was a traitor, and proved he had an Philosopher's Stone in his pocket, and a follower of Rasputin, and he turned into smoke, and kidnapped Katherine. After Katherine was taken to Rasputin's fortress, he lifted his castle with telekinesis, and moved it right above Peterhof Palace, using a standing enchantment, to keep the palace in place. After days in a prison cell, she was rescued, along with the rest of the Second Order of the Phoenix, by Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, Hermione Granger, Fay Dunbar, and Dimitri Cleveland.

The Age of Rasputin

Then the Third Wizarding War began on the very next day, the Battle of New York. The Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building were destroyed in battle, but still replaceable. She helped Dimitri fight off Rasputin's forces. She participated in the 3 week Third Wizarding War or the "Age of Rasputin". At the Second Battle of Hogwarts, she was thought to have died. She got back up, and convinced Jacob to return with her to battle, with the help of the MACUSA, and the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The last battle of the Age of Rasputin, took place at St. Petersburg, Petergof, Peterhof Palace, Rasputin almost won, if it weren't for Katherine's USA Wizarding Army, and Peter's animagus: the Pyro Beast, a mysterious creatures at appears every million years. Katherine's unicorn rammed his horn into Rasputin's chest, and threw him into the air and the battle commenced again, for two hours. Until Delphini was killed by Katherine's nundu, Machia, and after Rasputin's Reliquary was destroyed by Katherine, by crushing it with one of her flats. Rasputin's skin, his cloak, and his bones immediately burned away. After that, he disappeared, without a trace.

Later life

After the Battle of the Peterhof Palace, the MACUSA and the Ministry of Magic renewed the International Confederation of Wizards, stronger than ever before. As for Katherine, she resumed her post as Head of MACUSA's Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Later she became President of the MACUSA. The following year from the Battle of the Peterhof, the Ministry of Magic and the MACUSA created "Rasputin's Tournament", as such a champion from Durmstrang, Beauxbatons, Hogwarts, and Ilvermorny is chosen to go through the Ilvermorny Labyrinth, to face dangerous creatures to get to the middle and claim the Rasputin's Downfall Trophy, as the Minister, President of the MACUSA, and the Headmasters of the schools, oversee the game. After the game, they would have a feast at Ilvermorny. During the second game, Katherine, Hermione, Harry and Ron go on a little mystery to find Peter the Pyromancer, finding out that he was between the Veil of Death, in another world. Peter's wife, assured them, he'll be fine, and return to see Ilvermorny's champion win the game.


  • If Katherine Romanov looked in the Mirror of Erised, she would see: peace throughout the land.
  • Katherine's boggart would be Rasputin in his full power, with his reliquary. But with boggart-banishing spell also known as Riddikulus, Rasputin would cower in fear, from a baby rabbit (although Rasputin isn't afraid of bunnies, he's really afraid of Hell, his forever torture prison).
  • Katherine's eyes are green, like her uncle, and Harry Potter.
  • Katherine's "gun" is actually a Wizarding-Taser that deceives many.


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