The Jian is a species of magical bird native to the forests of China. They are always seen in pairs.


The Jian is a small bird with mostly pink feathers. However, it does have some blue feathers on its wing and blue tail feathers. It has a crest of five pink feathers on its head and a second crest of five more pink feathers on its chest. It has a short tail with three long, blue tail feathers. It has a short beak, one eye, and one wing.


The Jian is born with only one eye and one wing. This is why Jian lay two eggs every year. Two siblings will hatch out at the same time and, once they have, they will become inseparable. Jian are always found in pairs, with one Jian having a right eye and right wing, and the other having a left eye and left wing. The Jian pair use the tendrils of feathers on their chests to intertwine each other together. Jians can only see and fly properly if they are doing so with another Jian.


A pair of Jian has been used as the mascot of the Chinese Quiddich Team since the 2000 Quiddich World Cup, when the previous mascot, a Qilin, was so frightened that it bolted off into the wilderness. They decided to chose the Jian pair as, due to their closeness to each other, they were significantly calmer and easier to raise than the Qilin.

A flock of 15 Jian pairs live on the grounds of Fenghuang School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They are used in Care of Magical Creatures classes. They are very close friends with the qilin that also lives on the grounds, and can often be seen sitting on its antlers.


Jian tail feathers can be used in wand cores. The wands made by the famous Chinese wizard Seng Shing exclusively use Jian tail feather cores. These feathers can be collected without harming the Jian, as they are shed and replaced every year. A wand with a Jian tail feather core tends to chose witches or wizards who have a strong sense of community and duality. They work best if used in a group with other Jian tail feather core wands.


  • The Jian is one of the four houses of Fenghuang School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Jians represent the qualities of intelligence, community, duality, and learning.
  • The Jian is rated XX by the Ministry of Magic due to its calm and peaceful nature.

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