In My Time of Dying is currently a novel by Stag Night.


  • 2009 Dobby Award: Best Canon
  • 2009 Dobby Award: Best Marauders' Era


When did it happen? When did Voldemort suddenly get so powerful? Dementors swallow the light, and screams can always be heard in the distance as Muggles are murdered. People are missing, people are dying. Chaos and darkness has come, and they are not prepared. They will lose everything.


  1. The Graduation Feast
  2. Job Interviews
  3. A Night Out
  4. Two Owls
  5. Two Meetings
  6. Moving Days
  7. The Order of the Phoenix
  8. Weddings, Tea and Death Eaters
  9. The Daily Prophet
  10. Aftermath
  11. Breaking the Secret
  12. Remus Heads Out
  13. Captured
  14. The Vampire Mission
  15. Losses
  16. Celebration
  17. The Dark Mark
  18. Winter Holidays 1978
  19. Riots and Death
  20. Gillyweed and Werewolves
  21. The Tube
  22. The Worst Birthday
  23. Werewolves in the Ministry
  24. Punishment
  25. Conversations
  26. Apologies and Proposals


In My Time of Dying

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