The Impundulu, better known by its more common name of the Lightning Bird, is a species of magical bird found in South Africa. It is a distant relative of the American Thunderbird.


The Impundulu looks similar to a Muggle hammerkop. However, it is significantly bigger and has white feathers with some grey and black as opposed to a normal hammerkop's brown feathers. It has a long, black bill and two black legs and feet.


The Impundulu only flies during the worst thunderstorms. It can shoot lightning from its bill with deadly accuracy. It is impervious to most weapons, including most types of magic. It can only be harmed by fire. It is often believed to be a vampiric creature. It is believed in some tribes that if you start bleeding randomly, than an Impundulu has attacked you. However, there is currently no evidence to back this claim. Another unsubstantiated legend is that a Dark Witch or Wizard can summon and control an Impundulu to do his or her building.


An Impundulu once voraciously attacked a village in South Africa for five straight nights. It was finally stopped when a team of Aurors returning from Uagadou School of Witchcraft and Wizardry came across the village and drove the Lightning Bird away.


The feather of an Impundulu can be used in potions. Specifically, it is used in the Fulgora Tonitrua potion which, when drunk, causes the drinker to be followed around by thunder and lightning for a period of time.

Some parts of the Impundulu, as well as its eggs, are known to have medicinal properties. However, it is near impossible to get them, as the Impundulu is so vicious that it is a known wizard-killer.


  • The Impundulu is rated XXXXX by the Ministry of Magic as they are dangerous and impossible to control.

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