Ignatius Potter, 15th Duke of Inverness (1771 - 1853) was a pure-blood wizard and a member of the noble branch of the Potter family. He was the son of Symmachus Potter and his wife Ursula. He would later marry Agatha Longbottom and the two would have a son called Valerius, who succeeded his father as Duke of Inverness.

His lack-of-presence during the childhood of his son led to a shift in the political ideals of the Potter family to a more moderate and "enlightened" stance under the leadership of Valerius and subsequent descendants.


From the Roman family name Egnatius, meaning unknown, of Etruscan origin. The spelling was later altered to resemble Latin ignis "fire". This was the name of several saints, including the third bishop of Antioch who was thrown to wild beasts by emperor Trajan, and by Saint Ignatius of Loyola (1491-1556), founder of the Jesuits, whose real birth name was in fact Íñigo.


Peerage of Scotland
Preceded by
Procopius Potter
Duke of Inverness
1792 - 1853
Succeeded by
Valerius Potter