"Both the mother of Anipheon and the mother of Cloteias were Perennials. As such, the two were Human-Perennial hybrids, their power unmatched by any living being at their time."
The Mandarin explains the origins of two hybrids to Harry

Human-Perennials are a hybrid race which came from the interbreeding of humans and perennials. This union gives birth to an individual with two essences, one mortal and one divine, which exist in hypostatic union until the death of the hybrid. At that event, the human essence is completely consumed by the divine one, signifying the hybrid's full transition into a perennial. As they grow, a hybrid can develop a certain affinity towards a concept, and can eventually come to embody it. However, there are certain cases where the hybrid was born while already embodying a concept.

If for any reason, an ascended human-perennial is reincarnated, a new human essence is born and the cycle begins again. This would not affect the reincarnated perennial's embodiment, and would continue to possess its attributes both during and after its new life. The direct offspring of a human-perennial hybrid would possess many of its parent's characteristics, and if two hybrids were to have a child, then said child would be a full hybrid as well.

Known individuals

First-born hybrids

Name Human parent Perennial parent
Amilanius Nergal IV Unknown
Anipheon IX Oiraps VIII Phanes
Cloteias III Unknown Unknown

Union of hybrids

Name Father Mother
Nergal of Al-Antidia Anipheon IX Ahkatheria
Anipheon X Anipheon IX Ahkatheria

Reincarnated hybrids

Name Original self
Harry Potter Anipheon IX


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