The House of Habsburg-Anemas, also referred to as the House of Anemas, the House of Habsburg, the Habsburg Anemids and the Nicaean Habsburgs, was a imperial, royal and ducal house descended from the House of Anemas (and through it the Palaiologan dynasty) in the male line, and from the House of Habsburg-Lorraine in the female line. It was founded in the 20th century by Alexander I of Nicaea (later also the King of Portugal), son of Philip I of Nicaea and his wife Sophie Klementine of Austria.

It became the ruling house of the Kingdom of Nicaea and of the Imperial State of Constantinople, and would also become, alongside the House of Braganza, the reigning house of the Kingdom of Portugal until Alexander's death.

Its current head is Alexander II, the King of Nicaea.



The House of Habsburg-Anemas originated with Alexander I of Nicaea, the son of King Philip I of Nicaea and his wife Sophie Klementine of Austria. During his life, Alexander had a great admiration and love towards his mother, and deciding to honour her, he formally declared the foundation of the Habsburg-Anemas dynasty upon his father's death and his ascent to the throne of Nicaea and Constantinople.

Later history

With Alexander I, the Habsburg-Anemids would also come to be regents over the United Kingdom of Portugal, Africa and the Algarves jure uxoris, as he was the husband of Queen Maria III of Portugal. The two had a single daughter, Maria Theresa, who would die before attaining the thrones of either her father and her mother, but she would leave offspring, namely a son called Hadrian Alexander, who would become the heir apparent to the already deceased Alexander and the still living Maria III.

From Maria Theresa's marriage, Hadrian Alexander would also inherit from his father the peerage of the Duchy of Inverness, making the House of Habsburg-Anemas the third family to hold the title.

Habsburg-Anemid rulers

Kingdom of Nicaea (and Imperial State of Constantinople)

United Kingdom of Portugal, Africa and the Algarves


Dominus Mundi (first appearance)

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