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The House of Blackwell was one of the oldest and most prominent pure-blood families in Britain. For a time, several hundred years before the inception of the Ministry of Magic, the Blackwell family ruled over the magical world of Great Britain. It was the first and last royal family of Wizarding Britain.

Family Origin

Details of the Blackwell family's origin are few

  • Blackwell is a British name, suggesting no foreign descent
  • The Blackwells were one of the oldest pureblood wizarding families in Britain
  • The Blackwells were already a highly regarded family prior to their ascension to the throne of Wizarding Britain. The means by which the Blackwells were given the title is unknown; though it can be assumed that either Camulus and Trinity Blackwell were the first to hold the titles of Duke and Dutchess of Wizarding Britain, or that Camulus inherited the title from his father -- this implies that Camulus Blackwell was the eldest son of his family.
  • The Blackwells held a very refined accent, suggesting that they were of noble or wealthy heritage.
  • The Blackwell family, while on the throne, resided in Blackwell Manor, located near Dover. This suggests that the family originates from this area. This may lead to the fine accent held by Blackwell family members.

Family Details

It is known that all members of the Blackwell family, dating further back than Camulus Blackwell, attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Interestingly, unlike other pureblood families, the Blackwells were quite diverse in the houses into which its members were sorted. The following is a list of various family members, and which house they were sorted into:

  • Camulus Blackwell -- Gryffindor
  • Venatici Blackwell -- Slytherin
  • Kendaulus Moxus -- Ravenclaw
  • Augustus Blackwell -- Gryffindor
  • Antoinette Lafayette - Ravenclaw
  • Rodolphus Blackwell -- Slytherin
  • Paris L'Oreal Blackwell -- Ravenclaw
  • Horus Blackwell -- Hufflepuff
  • Medusa Blackwell -- Slytherin
  • Florence Blackwell -- Hufflepuff
  • Adolf Capricorn -- Gryffindor
  • Ji'Rah Blackwell -- Ravenclaw
  • Venezia Polaris -- Gryffindor
  • Khufu Blackwell -- Ravenclaw
  • Admiralia Blackwell -- Slytherin
  • Mercury Blackwell -- Hufflepuff
  • Constantine Blackwell -- Gryffindor
  • Maximilian Blackwell -- Ravenclaw
  • Sylvain Typhon -- Gryffindor
  • Insubre Blackwell -- Slytherin
  • Escaldes Blackwell -- Hufflepuff
  • Silure Blackwell -- Slytherin
  • Terrasse Blackwell -- Ravenclaw
  • Monoceros Blackwell -- Slytherin

The Duke and Dutchess of Wizarding Britain, when they were of the Blackwell line, took residence in Blackwell Manor, a lavish estate outside of Dover. The extended Blackwell family also lived in elegant estates, all of which were located in Dover as well. This led to Dover being the capital of magical activity in Great Britain from the 14th to the __th century, an possibly afterwards as well.

The Blackwell family was related to many of the other great wizarding families through marriage; Jean-Pierre DeTreville, husband of Alexandria DeTreville (nee Blackwell) was a very powerful wizard of the DeTreville family, a very famous French pureblood family. Likewise, the Blackwells were also related to a few non-magical or non-pureblood families; Victoria Windsor (nee Blackwell) married Percy Windsor, a very rich distant relation of the Royal Family of Great Britain, and thus relinquished her magical heritage -- even to the point of disowning her daughter Diana Capricorn (nee Windsor) after marrying into a wizarding family.

Family History

  • 1318 -- Camulus and Trinity Blackwell become the first Duke and Dutchess of Wizarding Britain. The means by which the title was created/bestowed is unknown.
  • 1323
    • Camulus' first son, Venatici Blackwell, is born.
  • 1326
    • Camulus' first daughter, Norma Blackwell, is born.
  • 1330
    • Camulus' second son, Sucellus Blackwell, is born.
  • 1347
    • Norma Blackwell marries Siegfried Endovelicus.
  • 1349
    • Venatici Blackwell marries Austrinus Blackwell.
  • 1351
    • Norma's only son, Augustus Endovelicus, is born.
    • Sucellus Blackwell marries Cassiopeia Blackwell
  • 1352
    • Venatici's first son, Orion Blackwell, is born.
  • 1354
    • Sucellus' only son, Hydrus Blackwell, is born.
    • Venatici's only daughter, Morrigan Blackwell, is born.
  • 1355
    • Camulus Blackwell dies of natural causes.
    • Venatici and Austrinus Blackwell are named Duke and Dutchess of Wizarding Britain.
    • Sucellus' only daughter, Kendaulus Blackwell, is born.
  • 1357
    • Venatici's second son, Centaurus Blackwell, is born.
  • 1360
    • Trinity Blackwell dies of natural causes.
  • 1372
    • Augustus Endovelicus marries Aphrodite Endovelicus.
    • Morrigan Blackwell marries Napolean Cygnus.
  • 1374
    • Hydrus Blackwell is disowned by the family for dating a muggle girl.
  • 1375
    • Orion Blackwell marries Persephone Blackwell.
  • 1378
    • Kendaulus Blackwell marries Ishtar Moxus.
  • 1379
    • Orion's only son, Vishnu Blackwell, is born under a curse, stating that for ten generations his bloodline will produce no more than one son.
    • Centaurus Blackwell marries Borealis Blackwell.
    • Augustus' only daughter, Victoria Endovelicus, is born.
  • 1381
    • Morrigan's only daughter, Antoinette Blackwell, is born.
  • 1382
    • Kendaulus' only son, Cernunos Moxus, is born.
  • 1383
    • Centaurus' only son, Rodolphus Blackwell, is born.
  • 1386
    • Sucellus Blackwell dies of illness.
  • 1387
    • Cantaurus' only daughter, Gemini Blackwell, is born.
  • 1398
    • Victoria Blackwell marries Percy Windsor, and relinquishes her magical life, thereby disowning her parents.
  • 1400
    • Vishnu Blackwell marries Bella Blackwell.
  • 1405
    • Rodolphus Blackwell marries Lacerta Blackwell.
    • Rodolphus' first son, Aries Blackwell, is born.
  • 1406
    • Norma and Siegfried Endovelicus die in a magical accident.
    • Cernunos Moxus marries Camelopardalis Moxus.
  • 1407
    • Cassiopeia Blackwell dies of natural causes.
    • Antoinette Blackwell marries Leo Lafayette.
  • 1408
    • Gemini Blackwell marries Keizer Venatorius.
    • Rodolphus' second son, Helios Blackwell, is born.
    • Victoria's only daughter, Diana Windsor, is born.
    • Venatici Blackwell dies of natural causes. Orion and Persephone Blackwell are named Duke and Dutchess of Wizarding Britain.
  • 1410
    • Cernunos' only daughter, Henrietta Moxus, is born.
  • 1411
    • Austrinus Blackwell dies of natural causes.
    • Borealis Blackwell dies. Foul play is suspected but never proven.
  • 1412
    • Victoria's only son, Benjamin Windsor, is born.
    • Vishnu's only son, Horus Blackwell, is born.


  • Gemini's only daughter, July Venatorius, is born.
  • 1416
    • Aphrodite Endovelicus is killed by a dark wizard.
  • 1427
    • Aries Blackwell marries Isis Blackwell.
    • Centaurus Blackwell is killed by a dark wizard.
  • 1429
    • Helios Blackwell marries Medusa Blackwell.
  • 1430
    • Horus Blackwell marries Sagitta Blackwell.
    • Diana Windsor marries Julius Capricorn, a wizard, and is subsequently disowned by her parents.
    • Napolean and Morrigan Cygnus are killed by a dark wizard.
  • 1432
    • Persephone Blackwell dies of natural causes.
    • Aries' only daughter, Alexandria Blackwell, is born.
    • Henrietta Moxus marries George Pegasus.
  • 1435
    • Diana's only son, Adolf Capricorn, is born.
    • Benjamin Windsor marries Lillian Windsor.
  • 1436
    • Aries' only son, Tigranes Blackwell, is born.
  • 1437
    • Helios' only son, Cosmo Blackwell, is born.
    • Hydrus Blackwell dies in obscurity from his family.
    • Benjamin's ony son, Henry Windsor, is born.
  • 1439
    • Orion Blackwell dies in a disapparation accident. Vishnu and Bella Blackwell are named Duke and Dutchess of Wizarding Britain.
  • 1440
    • Horus only son, Ramses Blackwell, is born.
  • 1442
    • Vishnu and Bella Blackwell are killed by a dark wizard, who is then killed by Antoinette Lafayette. Horus and Sagitta Blackwell are named Duke and Dutchess of Wizarding Britain.
  • 1445
    • Leo Lafayette dies of natural causes.
    • Keizer and July Venatorius are killed by religious fanatics.
  • 1446
    • Diana's second son, Corona Blackwell is born. Diana dies in childbirth.
  • 1453
    • Ishtar Moxus dies of natural causes.
  • 1455
    • Alexandria Blackwell marries Jean-Pierre DeTreville.
  • 1456
    • Adolf Capricorn marries Nephertiti Capricorn.
    • Rodolphus Blackwell dies of natural causes.
  • 1457
    • Camelopardalis Moxus is poisoned and dies.
  • 1458
    • Cosmo Blackwell marries Florence Blackwell.
  • 1460
    • Antoinette Lafayette dies of natural causes.
    • Ramses Blackwell marries Consuella Blackwell.
  • 1461
    • Adolf's only son, Semerkhet Capricorn, is born.
  • 1462
    • Victoria and Percy Windsor are beheaded by the Royal Family of Britain for crimes against the crown.
    • Lacerta Blackwell commits suicide.
    • Alexandria's only son, Jean-Luc DeTreville, is born.
  • 1463
    • Horus Blackwell dies of natural causes. Ramses and Consuella Blackwell are named Duke and Dutchess of Wizarding Britain.
    • Cosmo's twin son and daughter, Venezia and Alfirk Blackwell, are born.
  • 1465
    • Ramses' only son, Aristotle Blackwell, is born.
    • Aries Blackwell dies of natural causes.
  • 1466
    • Henrietta kills George Pegasus for committing adultery, then kills herself.
  • 1469
    • Sagitta Blackwell dies of natural causes.
    • Medusa Blackwell is killed by a wild dragon in Romania.
  • 1472
    • Benjamin Windsor dies of natural causes. Lillian Windsor kills herself in grief.
  • 1475
    • Cernunos Moxus dies of natural causes.
  • 1478
    • Isis Blackwell is killed in a magical accident.
  • 1485
    • Venezia Blackwell marries Sigma Polaris.
  • 1487
    • Aristotle Blackwell marries Jasmine Blackwell.
  • 1488
    • Alfirk Blackwell marries Auriga Blackwell.
  • 1490
    • Gemini Venatorius dies of old age.
  • 1493
    • Augustus Endovelicus dies of old age.
    • Henry Windsor dies of natural causes.
    • Alfirk's first son, Arcturus Blackwell, is born.
  • 1494
    • Semerkhet Capricorn travels to North America on an exploratory ship, and is never seen again.
    • Ramses Blackwell dies of natural causes. Aristotle and Jasmine Blackwell are named Duke and Dutchess of Wizarding Britain.
    • Aristotle's only son, Khufu Blackwell, is born.
  • 1496
    • Alfirk's first daughter, Aquarius Blackwell, is born.
  • 1498
    • Julius Capricorn dies of old age.
  • 1500
    • Alfirk's second son, Aurum Blackwell, is born.
    • Consuella Blackwell dies of old age.
  • 1503
    • Helios Blackwell dies of old age.
  • 1504
    • Adolf Capricorn dies of natural causes.
  • 1506
    • Alfirk's second daughter, Admiralia Blackwell, is born.
    • Tigranes Blackwell is killed in a magical accident.
  • 1509
    • Jean-Pierre De Treville dies of natural causes.
  • 1513
    • Florence Blackwell dies of old age.
  • 1515
    • Nephertiti Capricorn dies of illness.
  • 1516
    • Aquarius Blackwell is killed in a magical accident.
    • Khufu Blackwell marries Vega Blackwell.
  • 1519
    • Jasmine Blackwell dies of natural causes.
  • 1521
    • Aurum Blackwell marries Upsilon Blackwell.
    • Cosmo Blackwell dies of old age.
  • 1522
    • Aristotle Blackwell dies of illness. Khufu and Vega Blackwell are named Duke and Dutchess off Wizarding Britain.
    • Alexandria De Treville dies of old age.
  • 1524
    • Admiralia Blackwell marries Vladimir Vendemiatrix.
    • Corona Capricorn dies of old age.
  • 1526
    • Khufu's only son, Balthazar Blackwell, is born.
  • 1527
    • Sigma Polaris dies of natural causes.
  • 1529
    • Jean-luc De Treville dies of illness.
  • 1532
    • Aurum's first son, Mercury Blackwell, is born.
    • Admiralia's only son, Victor Vendemiatrix, is born,
  • 1533
    • Khufu Blackwell dies of illness. Balthazar Blackwell takes the title of Duke of Wizarding Britain at age 7.
  • 1535
    • Venezia Polaris dies of natural causes.
    • Aurum's second son, Lambda Blackwell, is born.
  • 1536
    • Arcturus Blackwell dies of illness.
  • 1540
    • Auriga Blackwell dies of old age.
  • 1547
    • Alfirk Blackwell dies of old age.
  • 1557
    • Lambda Blackwell marries Sahara Blackwell.
  • 1558
    • Mercury Blackwell marries Freja Blackwell.
  • 1560
    • Vladimir Vendemiatrix dies of illness.
  • 1561
    • Balthazar Blackwell marries Becrux Blackwell.
    • Mercury's only daughter, Cursa Blackwell, is born.
  • 1562
    • Lambda's only son, Grassius Blackwell, is born.
  • 1565
    • Balthazar's only son, Constantine Blackwell, is born.
    • Aurum Blackwell dies of natural causes.
  • 1567
    • Kendaulus Moxus, oldest living Blackwell relative, dies at 212 years of age.
  • 1569

Family Tree

Funky Family Tree

The Blackwell Family Tree, starting with Camulus and Trinity Blackwell. See larger image for details.


Though the exhibited branch of the Blackwell family died out in 1800, it can be assumed that Camulus Blackwell, patriarch of the family, had brothers or sisters. Therefore, there was likely another branch or two of the Blackwell Family in existence at the same time; it is, however, unknown whether the other lines (if any existed) also died out.

But the Blackwell family would be remebered throughout the coming years as a highly respected and revered family.

And though no "Blackwells" lived on, descendants of the family existed under the name "Black" -- when Nakshatra Blackwell went insane, Monoceros Blackwell, her brother, attempted to distance himself from the family by changing his name to Monoceros Black, thus creating the Black bloodline. In keeping with Blackwell tradition, the Black family remained pureblood. However, a major difference between the two families were the attitudes of each. While the Blackwells were fair-minded and only mildly prejudice against muggles and half-blood/muggle-born wizards, the Black family took it to extremes. Monoceros Blackwell was one of the few intolerant and arrogant sons of the Blackwell family, and as such, when he created the Black family, he moulded it in his own image -- muggle-hating, pureblood-fanatical, Slytherin sorted.

The descendants of the Blackwell family would play an enormous role in the affairs of Voldemort, both to aid and hinder him. Many prominent Death Eaters (Bellatrix Lestrange, Narcissa Malfoy, Arcturus Black) were descendents of Monoceros Black. On the other hand, many prominent anti-Voldemort wizards and witches (Nymphadora Tonks, Sirius Black, Arthur Weasley) were also descendants of Monoceros Black.

After Monoceros Blackwell changed his name in order to distance himself from the shame his sister brought on the family, knowledge of the connection between the Black and Blackwell families still existed. Monoceros wife, whose name is unknown, knew of the connection; but for her, it was in fact a draw, because of the power and influence it implied. But after a few generation, when the Blackwell family had all died out, no one lived to remember the circumstances under which the Black family was created, and the connection was eventually lost to the ages.

List of Blackwell Royalty

Following is a list of every Blackwell family member to hold the title of Duke or Dutchess of wizarding Britain, what Hogwarts house they were in, and the length of their reigns:

First Generation

  • Camulus Blackwell -- First Duke of Wizarding Britain, Gryffindor,
  • Trinity Blackwell -- First Dutchess of Wizarding Britain, Hufflepuff

Second Generation

  • Venatici Blackwell -- Second Duke of Wizarding Britain
  • Austrinus Blackwell -- Second Dutchess of Wizarding Britain

Third Generation

  • Orion Blackwell -- Third Duke of Britain
  • Persephone Blackwell -- Third Duchess of Britain

Fourth Generation

  • Vishnu Blackwell -- Fourth Duke of Britain
  • Bella Blackwell -- Fourth Duchess of Britain

Fifth Generation

  • Horus Blackwell -- Fifth Duke of Britain
  • Sagitta Blackwell -- Fifth Duchess of Britain

Sixth Generation

  • Ramses Blackwell -- Sixth Duke of Britain
  • Consuella Blackwell -- Sixth Duchess of Britain

Seventh Generation

  • Aristole Blackwell -- Seventh Duke of Britain
  • Jasmine Blackwell -- Seventh Duchess of Britain

Eighth Generation

  • Khufu Blackwell -- Eighth Duke of Britain
  • Vega Blackwell -- Eighth Duchess of Britain

Ninth Generation

  • Balthazar Blackwell -- Ninth Duke of Britain
  • Becrux Blackwell -- Ninth Duchess of Britain

Tenth Generation

  • Constantine Blackwell -- Tenth Duke of Britain
  • Teresa Blackwell -- Tenth Duchess of Britain

Eleventh Generation

  • Saxon Blackwell -- Eleventh Duke of Britain
  • Divinity Blackwell -- Eleventh Duchess of Britain

Twelfth Generation

  • Alexander Blackwell -- Twelfth Duke of Britain
  • Mercedes Blackwell -- Twelfth Duchess of Britain

Thirteenth Generation

  • Greca Blackwell -- Thirteenth Duke of Britain
  • Carnutes Blackwell -- Thirteenth Duchess of Britain

Fourteenth Generation

  • Silure Blackwell -- Fourteenth Duke of Britain
  • Cornavy Blackwell -- Fourteenth Duchess of Britain

Fifteenth Generation

  • Lebryde Blackwell -- Fifteenth Duke of Blackwell

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