"Be wary when venturing the House of Black and White, for when you go in, you may never go out."
Old Man Willow

The House of Black and White is the home of the noble pure-blood House of Crane. The mansion was primarily used as a secondary headquarters for the Order of the Phoenix during the First Wizarding War.

A place fitting for a bloodline of illusionists, the House of Black and White is eccentric and colourful in its design, and the house itself is riddled with riddles and puzzles. The mansion and its surrounding lands are protected by numerous ancient spells. The mansion is unplottable and has been bewitched so that, if Muggles approach it, the House would not be there.

Another protection that the mansion had was Old Man Willow. This giant and ancient tree has been bewitched by members of the Crane family, giving the tree legs to walk, and a voice to speak.

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