House Potter of Castle Rock was one of the Great Houses of The Isles, having been one of the most powerful houses in the kingdom. It was also the ruling house of the Kingdom of the Isles since the extinction of House Irving.

While the rulers of the kingdom, the Potters had direct rule over Alba, which was under the Lord Palatine, and the Heartlands, which were part of the royal demesne and where Edinburgh and the fortress of Castle Rock were located. In Alba, their seat was instead the city of Aberdeen.



Having their origins in the small village of Stinchcombe, located in the south of Albion, the Potters rose to prominence with the potioneer Linfred, whose fame and skill led to him being summoned to the Wizengamot as the king's personal potion-brewer. Using his new position, Linfred made sure to gain the favour of the royal family, and would succeed upon saving the life of the king by creating a new potion to the seemingly incurable disease.

Awarded with lands and a title, Linfred came to establish his family in the "backwater hole" of Aberdeen, which was turned into one of the most powerful and influential cities in the kingdom over the generations under Potter rule. After his death, his son Hardwin became the new Lord of Aberdeen, and due to service to the Irvings, he was awarded with the newly created title and position of Lord Palatine of Alba. Hardwin married Iolanthe Peverell, the only child of the semi-legendary Ignotus Peverell, who came to be Lord of Argyll and passed the title to his daughter after his demise, and eventually fell into the hands of House Potter.

It would not be until a few generations later that the Potters of Alba reached the peak of their influence and power, with the marriage of Lord Palatine Nicholas Potter to Princess Elizabeth Irving. Connecting the two houses by marriage, and later by blood with the birth of Malcolm Potter, the Potters reached a position many other houses had attempted for generations. When Constantine IV died, his daughter succeeded him as his last surviving child, and both Elizabeth and Nicholas were crowned as co-monarchs, initiating the tradition of both the monarch and their spouse being crowned as co-rulers of The Isles.

With the death of Elizabeth and Nicholas, their son Malcolm ascended as Malcolm III, fully placing House Potter as the ruling house of the Isles, a position they still retained in the late 20th century.