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Harry Robert Hitchens is the legitimate son of Michael Richard Hitchens and Lillian Luna Weasley née Potter. This makes him the grandson of Harry James Potter and Ginevra Molly Potter née Weasley. Harry Hitchens's father, Michael Richard Hitchens, is a muggle-born and decendant of Bob Hitchens and Isla Hitchens née Black as mentioned on the Black family tree.

Harry Hitchens was born in 2039, four years after his parents' marriage. Harry Hitchens has an older sister, Sarah Ginevra Hitchens (born 2036), and a younger sister, Tonks Emily Hitchens (born 2042).

  No image available
  Harold Robert Hitchens
Gender  Male
Eyes  Green
Hair  Red
Born  October 6, 2039
Died  January 18, 2126
Blood  Half-blood
Title  Professor (2065-2072)
Alias  Harry (by family and friends)
H. B. Hitchens (professionally)
Wand  Birch, unicorn tail core, 9 and 3/4 inches long
Patronus  Groundhog
Occupation  Zonko's store owner (2060-2065)
Beauxbatons professor (2065-2072)
Muggle attorney (2072-2126)
Affiliation  Good

Early years (2039-2057)

Harry Robert Hitchens was named after his famous maternal grandfather Harry Potter and his middle name came from several relative on his father's side, including an uncle, three cousins, and his great-grandfather. Around the age of eight, his parents feared he might have any wizarding powers after his older sister was not accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The eldest Hitchens was inaccurately dubbed as a Squib (the proper term, Half-blood Muggle, has yet to be commonly known) and at the time, Harry Hitchens did not display any magical abilities which was unusual for an eight-year-old.

The Midnight at the Longbottoms' (2048)

Late one summer night while Harry Hitchens was nine-years-old, Neville Longbottom's 130-year-old grandmother threw Neville a surprise birthday party that the Potter family could never forget. Young Harry Hitchens was seen levitating water in order to save a drowning three-year-old Weasley relative from the Longbottoms' pool and he was mentioned in the Daily Prophet for his miraculous rescue. Neville mentioned how this compared to how happy his family had been when he first experienced uncontrollable magic.

Years at Hogwarts (2050-2057)

Harry Robert Hitchens was, like his younger sister Tonks would also be, sorted into Hufflepuff. He joined the Quidditch team as a Beater in his third year and became the Quidditch Captain in his seventh year. He graduated with 6 N.E.W.T.s, two of which (Charms and Transfiguration) were Outstanding.

In 2053, he along with his other relatives, illegally left school to attend his grandparents' 50th Anniversary party. The celebration of Harry and Ginny's marriage was claimed "one of the biggest shindigs wizardkind has ever seen" and "totally worth going to this once-in-a-lifetime occasion." Though the festive firework-filled party (that's guest list included many prominent figures in the Wizarding World including multiple Quidditch players, several famous Aurors, Daily Prophet reporters, the greatest wandmakers alive, and the Minister himself) may have been a great experience for the younger Potter relatives, it nearly cost them an expulsion from Hogwarts. The Headmistress at the time decided to let them off the hook (it was said she was sporting a tall party hat encrested with the number 50 at the time she chose not to expel the group of students).

Professional careers

Zonko's store manager (2060-2065)

Harry Hitchens ran the store for five years using his own Transfiguration expertise to create wonderful new products. Hitchens was the only manager who was able to get the Weasley's Wizard Wheezes to be a proud sponsor of Zonkos. He resigned in 2065 when an offer to be a Professor was given to Hitchens at Beauxbatons.

Charms Professor at Beauxbatons (2065-2072)

Harry Hitchens ability to speak French turned out to be a great advantage to his professional teaching career. He could not become the Charms Professor at Hogwarts, but an open space was available in the foreign school.

Muggle attorney (2079-2126)

Hitchens figured he could have a better life in the States and went to Harvard Law School assimilating into Muggles. He eventually became an attorney in 2079 and was very successful. After fourteen years, Hitchens already owned two mansions--one in the British Wizarding world and in the American Muggle world. Hitchens earned the Most Successful Muggle Impersonater award from the United States Ministry in 2104, but he never received the award due to the fact that he had no contact with the Wizarding world whatsoever. "If you are going to pretend to be a Muggle, then you have to realize that they believe wizards don't exist. So the best way to fit in is to forget about all magic; I can't even identify my own wand from a bunch of sticks any more," reported Hitchens about the incident.



Notable ancestors of Harry Hitchens who are not listed on the family tree below include:

  • Ignotus Peverell (ancestor of James Potter; consequently, ancestor of Harry Potter and Lily Luna Potter)
  • Violetta Black née Bulstrode (wife of Cyngus Black)
  • Lysandra Black née Yaxley (wife of Arcturus Black)
  • Lily Potter née Evans (wife of JamesPotter)
  • Molly Weasley née Prewett (wife of Arthur Weasley)

The following is a geneological chart showing the inbreeding of Harry Hitchen's ancestors.


Here are a list of some other of Harry Hitchens' relatives and an in-depth explanation on how they are related to him:

James Sirius Potter is his maternal uncle.

Albus Severus Potter is also his maternal uncle.

James' son is his first cousin.

Ron Weasley and his brothers are all great-uncles to Harry Hitchens on his maternal grandmother's side.

Ron Weasley's kids and his brothers' kids are all first cousins once removed to Harry Hitchens. They also can be traced through Potter's lineage, making them his fourth cousins.

Aunt Muriel would at least be Harry Hitchens' great-great-great-aunt. She might even be more generations removed as Molly never clarified how exactly she was related.

Sirius Black, Regulus Black, Bellatrix Lestrange, Andromeda Tonks, and Narcissa Malfoy are Harry Hitchens' second cousin twice removed on Harry Potter's side and his third cousins twice removed on Ginny Potter's side. He is also related to them through Bob Hitchens.

Nymphadora Lupin and Draco Malfoy are his third cousins once removed on his grandfather's side and also his fourth cousins once removed on his grandmother's side. Again, they are related through Bob Hitchens, but it is unknown how many generations this traces back. Also, this would make Remus Lupin and Astoria Malfoy his third cousin-in-laws once removed.

Teddy Lupin and Scorpius Malfoy are his fourth cousins on Harry Potter's side and his fifth cousins on his mother's side.

The inbreeding of the Blacks' decendants makes the links between Harry Hitchens and those relatives very confusing. If Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley had not been third cousins once removed (perhaps only by marriage), then there might not be all of this confusion. Also, since he is related to the Blacks, this also connects him to the Crouchs, Longbottoms, and Burkes.


In the spring of 2053, Harry Hitchens had a extramarital affair with Indira Patil, leaving her pregnant with one son:

  • Kiran Michael Patil-Hitchens, born in 2054, was a wizard and attended Hogwarts.

Harry Hitchens married an American muggle in 2074 by the name of Lindsay Madison and he had five children:

  • Robert Arthur Hitchens was his son born in 2075 and did not show any magical powers.
  • Sarah Lindsay Hitchens was his daugher born in 2076 and did not show any magical powers.
  • Daniel Ronald Hitchens was his son born in 2079 and did not show any magical powers.
  • Isabella Madison Hitchens was his daughter born in 2084 and was a witch. She attended an American school for magic.
  • Windsor Jacob Hitchens was his son born in 2087 and was a wizard. He also attended an American school.

Harry's illegitimate son Kiran Patil-Hitchens married in 2070 to Sandra Shacklebott, granddaughter of the Minister, and had two children:

  • James Kingsley Patil-Hitchens, born in 2074.
  • Maribelle Padma Patil-Hitchens, born in 2078

Harry's son Robert married a muggle by the name of Charlene McGraham and had one daughter:

  • Sharron Lindsay Hitchens, born in 2102.

Harry's daughter Sarah Lindsay Hitchens married an American wizard named Artemis Tritten and had four wizarding children:

  • Piscius Daniel Tritten, born in 2098.
  • Bella Eloise Tritten, born in 2099.
  • Maxmillian Rodger Tritten, born in 2102.
  • Jacob Rufus Tritten, born in 2105.

Harry's daughter Isabella Hitchens married a British wizard named Francis Diggory and had one daughter:

  • Robert Amos Diggory, born in 2101.

Windsor Jacob Hitchens married a British witch named Felicia Runcorn and had three wizarding children:

  • Patrick Calogerus Hitchens, born in 2109.
  • Renée Titania Hitchens, born in 2113.
  • Decimus Windsor Hitchens, born in 2119.

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