"Harry Potter and the Man of Unknown" was the first story posted in the Harry Potter category on, making it one of the, if not the, oldest Potterverse fanfictions.

The American author, Gypsy Silverleaf, wrote it before Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was released in the United States, although Silverleaf revised Man of Unknown in 2001. The revised version can be found on her website and on FictionAlley.


Professor Thomas P. Erwin, of Sharadine School of Witchcraft for Girls, hates Harry Potter. The mere mention of Harry Potter's name by a student or colleague can send him into a tirade, but no one can figure out why, except that he might be a devoted follower of Lord Voldemort...



"Harry Potter and the Man of Unknown" (2 November 1981 - 31 July 2005)

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