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The following is official policy of this wiki.
Failure to comply may result in a block or ban.

Naming of articles about characters will, wherever possible, abide by the following conditions:

  • An article's title should contain the full first and last names.
  • Exceptions to this are characters who are known by two given names.
  • In lacking a proper name, a character article should be identified by ‘’proximity” (or their relation) to another character (e.g. an article about the nameless father of Hermione Granger would be titled as "Hermione Granger’s father").
  • An article's title should contain the last name used throughout the work they’re featured in, regardless of marriage.
  • Character articles should use Western name order, which places the given name(s) before the surname(s), even if the subject is from a culture which traditionally places the surname(s) before the given name.

Anti-ambiguity clause

As not to generate ambiguity regarding articles with the same name, all pages related to characters, families, locations, events, spells, and other related topics are to possess after their title either a parenthesized acronym of the work (or fictional verse) where they derivate from, the full name of the work, or the name of their creator.

Articles regarding fanon concepts are to have "(concept)" after the title, articles regarding general honorific/noble titles are to have "(title)" after their name, and so forth. Pages related to the work itself (e.g. Chronicles of the Void) are exempt from this rule.

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