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The following is official policy of this wiki.
Failure to comply may result in a block or ban.

The Harry Potter Fanon Wiki has a set of article guidelines, also known as the Manual of Style, that all articles are required to follow. This ensures that all articles meet at least a minimum of quality, which will affect the general appearance and appeal of the wiki to both editors and outsiders. One cannot have a healthy body without a healthy mind, and the Harry Potter Fanon Wiki is no exception.

Basic article guidelines

The following are the basic guidelines for articles on this wiki:

  • Articles must be written in English – As this is the English Harry Potter Fanon Wiki, this rule should be quite obvious to follow. The use of both British and American English is acceptable, although British English is the preferred form.
  • Articles must contain proper spelling and grammar – All articles should be as well-written as possible (at least according to the skills of their author), containing proper English grammar and spelling.
  • Proper use of perspective – All in-universe articles are to be written as if their events and information were either contemporary, or historical accounts.
  • Pages are to be categorized – All articles must be placed in their respective categories. Be sure to respect the proper guidelines of each individual category in doing this. In category pages where there is no such written guideline in its description, just look at the articles and sub-categories there, and then use common sense. Also, user-based categories, excluding "Articles by NAME" and "Fan-fiction by NAME," are not allowed. A grandfather clause is applied to this guideline.

Miscellaneous guidelines

  • Videos – unless they serve a clear purpose in the article, such as illustrating something related to it, videos are not an allowed feature.
  • Appropriate content – All fanon (or fan-fiction content) articles are subject to the content policy of this wiki. No exception.
  • Off-topic articles – Articles which are not related to Harry Potter or its fandom will be removed. Spam and vandalism will also share this fate.
  • Deletion – The ultimate fate of any article which breaks these (and other) guidelines, and is not corrected in time.

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