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This Layout Guide is an official guide as to how an in-universe article should be structured. Generally this guide is to be used for character articles, but can be adapted to almost any in-universe article by leaving out sections that are irrelevant. By adhering to this layout guide we will add more uniformity across all the pages, and give the wiki a more professional look. This layout guide was adapted from the main Harry Potter Wiki's Layout Guide.

Featured Article

  • Used to give an article "featured" status.
  • Only place if an article has been a Featured article.

See also or Youmay tags


{{See also|Slytherin|Gryffindor|Ravenclaw}}
Another example:

{{Youmay|the association|the book of the same name, see ''[[Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix]]''}}


Example (for an article about a Ravenclaw student):

|name=Luna Scamander (née Lovegood)
|born=c. 1981
|blood=[[Pure-blood]]  or [[half-blood]]
|alias=Loony Lovegood
|title=[[Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry|Hogwarts]] [[Quidditch]] commentator
|hair=Dirty blonde
|eyes=Silvery grey 
|family=*Xenophilius Lovegood (father)
*Luna Lovegood's mother (mother)†
*Rolf Scamander (husband)
*Lorcan Scamander (son)
*Lysander Scamander (son)
*Newton Scamander (grandfather-in-law)
*Porpentina Scamander (grandmother-in-law)
|job=Wizarding naturalist
|loyalty=*[[Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry]] 
*Dumbledore's Army
*''[[The Quibbler''
*Lovegood family
*Scamander family
*Ravenclaw House

  • The image may not be larger than 250px
  • Wherever there is more than one "answer," separate them by a line break (<br />)
    • Do not put a line break after the last entry in that field
  • Leave unknown fields blank
  • Use the "newest" infobox that fits. For example, Ignatius Potter was a member of Slytherin, but the newest infobox that fits him is the Template:Noble character infobox, that one is to be used.
  • See Category:Infobox templates

Opening quote


{{Quote|Haven't I taught you ''anything''?|[[Arthur Weasley|Mr Weasley]]|Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets}}
  • An opening quote is welcome for almost any type of article.
  • Quotes can be said by the article's subject, or said by someone else about the article's subject.
  • Do not use links within a quote, unless it is the only mention in the article of a certain subject.
  • If the speaker is another subject please include a link.
  • Please include a source
  • If the quote is not a simple quote but includes dialogue between multiple characters see Category:Quote and dialogue templates

Article body

Example (for an article about a Character):

'''Harry Potter''' was... (insert introductory sentence or paragraph)
====The Battle of Hogwarts====

===After the War===
  • Start headings at the second level (==)
  • Headings and subheadings are usually not required for very small articles.



[[File:HPotter boggart dementor.jpg|thumb|200px|Harry Potter's boggart, a Dementor]]
  • Images should be placed where they are most relevant and should not interrupt the flow or the aesthetics of the article.
  • Images should have some sort of description.
  • Images should be placed before or after paragraphs or sections of text, not right in the middle of them.
  • Placing them immediately underneath a heading or subheading usually works quite well.



{{quote|Viktor? Hasn't he asked you to call him Vicky yet?|Ron|Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire}}
  • In addition to the introductory quote, further quotes may be used throughout an article.
  • Quotes are usually placed immediately underneath a heading or subheading, though they can also be used between paragraphs (albeit more sparingly).
  • See Category:Quote and dialogue templates

Physical description


==Physical description==
  • Used to describe what a character or creature, etc. looks like

Personality and traits


==Personality and traits==
  • Used for Character articles, if that type of information is available.
  • If the character has had many or strenuous relationships use the Relationships section below




====Relationship 1====

====Relationship 2====
  • Used to describe the relationships the character has had with others

Behind the scenes (notice the capitalisation)


==Behind the scenes==
  • Origin of subject - subject's first appearance, who was responsible for creating and/or naming the subject, how the subject came about, was it based on anything, etc.
    • If naming information is lengthy the Name etymology section below can be added
  • Contradictions - point out if one source contradicts another, and which (if any) is accepted as "canon"

Name etymology


===Name etymology===
  • Who was responsible for naming the subject, was it based on anything, etc.
  • What the root of the name means


Notes and references

  • List of sources for information in the "Behind the scenes" section.
  • Items are added to the list by placing <ref>Source goes here</ref> after the information tidbit in question.
  • These citations also need to be made outside of the punctuation (i.e. after the period and outside any quotation marks).
  • To get the references to show up in this section, insert the following code:
==Notes and references==

See also


==See also==
  • Links to related topics not already linked in article
  • Usually links to family pages or organisations

External links


==External links==
  • It's called "External links" even if there is currently only one link
  • Links to other unofficial sources, e.g. fan sites, Wikipedia articles

Succession box

{{Start box}}
{{Succession box
|position=[[Transfiguration]] Professor at [[Hogwarts]]
|successor=[[Minerva McGonagall]]
{{Succession box
|position=Deputy Headmaster of [[Hogwarts]]
|successor=Unknown, eventually [[Minerva McGonagall]]
{{End box}}

Succession boxes serve two purposes: to list the time period for which an individual held a certain post/title, and to provide links to their immediate predecessor and/or successor. It is best to follow these "do nots":

  • Do not insert succession boxes for titles that were unique to a certain individual and, therefore, result in no predecessors or successors. The same applies if the individual is the only known holder of the title.
  • Do not insert succession boxes if the individual's position in the succession sequence is unclear.
  • Do not insert succession boxes for something that is not a proper title. For example, a succession box for Severus Snape where the title is "Holds an Unbreakable Vow to Albus Dumbledore".

If the individual was the first (last) person to bear a certain title, the "Preceded by" ("Succeeded by") section should read "None". If there are no known predecessors/successors, the corresponding section should read "Unknown". However, if there are some known predecessors/successors, the section should read "Unknown, eventually <name of the chronologically nearest individual>". (Example: [Bagnold]'s immediate predecessor as Minister for Magic is unknown, therefore, the succession box reads "Unknown, eventually [Leach]".)

The phrase "the first (last) person to bear a certain title" means that there are no successors because the title was made (obsolete). If the individual in question continues to hold the title "currently" (where the "present" is defined as the date of the last published Harry Potter work), the "Succeeded by" section should read "Incumbent".

Order succession boxes by the years in which the position was held. The earliest held position is first. If multiple positions have the same starting year, then the earlier ending year is first, etc.

All succession boxes should be contained within two templates: {{Start box}} and {{End box}}. This ensures that there are no line breaks within succession boxes.


[[Category:Gryffindors|Potter, Harry]]
  • Every article should have at least one category
  • Categories should be listed in alphabetical order
  • People should be categorized by their last name; for example, [[Category:Aurors|Potter, Harry]] or [[Category:Hogwarts prefects|Malfoy, Draco]].
  • Articles beginning with an article ("a," "an," or "the") should be categorized by the first significant word; for example, [[Category:Locations|Burrow, The]].
  • Articles placed in categories should not also be placed in that category's parent category; for example, articles in Category:Hufflepuffs should not also be placed in Category:Students.

Clean template

==Physical description==
==Personality and traits==
===Author's notes===
==Behind the scenes==
==See also==
==External links==
==Notes and references==

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