D. Henry Alexander, Despot of the Romans, Prince Royal of Portugal, Duke of Braganza, (b. 31 July 1980), better known as Harry Potter and lesser known as Henry Anemas, was a half-blood wizard and the son of James Potter and his wife Maria Anemas (better known as Lily Potter).

With the death of his mother, Harry became the heir to both the Roman and Portuguese thrones, while the death of his father made him the heir to the possessions of the Potter family. The Potter line remained extant through a collateral branch of the family, specifically those who descended from Thaddeus Potter's second son.

He was the reincarnation of Anipheon IX, a Divine Sovereign of the Al-Antidian Empire. By consequence, Harry was a Human-Perennial hybrid, having the first-born Phanes as his divine progenitor.


Early life

After being born, Harry and his parents travelled to the British Isles, and after several months they went into hiding there, in fear of being found by Lord Voldemort. Eventually, they were betrayed, and both James and Lily would be killed by the dark wizard. However, when he attempted to kill Harry, Voldemort would have his body destroyed, and was reduced to a mere wraith, which proceeded to flee Godric's Hollow, and soon enough England as well.

Harry was then sent to Petunia Dusrley, his mother's adoptive sister, and remained with her family for several years, eventually being introduced to the wizarding world and starting to attend Hogwarts. There, he would face Voldemort two more times, successfully defeating him as well. On the summer of his third year, was found by agents of his biological maternal grandmother, who had been searching for him for several years.

With this reunion, Harry was introduced to life outside of Britain, specifically in the Roman Empire, of which he was the heir to, his own grandmother acting as regent since the death of his grandfather, the Emperor Alexander IV Anemas.