"I am reborn from these pure fires, and returned to reclaim that which is mine by my right as progeny of the first-born Phanes and the Divine Oiraps. Of this world and all others, I am Anipheon... your Divine Sovereign."
—Harry-Anipheon introducing himself
Harry-Anipheon was the corrupted version of Harry Potter, who was infected by touching a corrupted Nucleus after the skirmish at the Magnaura. Possessing both memories of Harry and his past life, Anipheon, the entity began to quietly grown within Harry's Nucleus, subtly influencing Harry's personality and decisions over time.

As the days passed, the corruption within Harry grew more powerful, and became able to exert a degree of physical influence on the world, as demonstrated when the Grand Staircase of Hogwarts broke, leading to the deaths of Draco Malfoy, Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle. It finally broke free and took full control of Harry after he decided to take a stroll in the edge of the Forbidden Forest. The transformation caused a massive wave of fire which incinerated the entire forest and killed every single living being there, the centaur tribe and the acromantula colony included.

The corrupted Harry saw himself as a reborn Anipheon, referring to himself as such. It saw Harry as an imperfect reincarnation, harbouring at the same time a great hatred towards Aion, believing the deity had abandoned him at a time of need.

He was finally defeated by the combined efforts of the Mandarin, the Alliance, and the staff of Hogwarts, leading to the eradication of the corruption from Harry's nucleus and the young wizard's restoration.


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