The Halcyon is a species of magical creature native to Greece.


The Halcyon looks similar to a Muggle kingfisher. However, it has electric purple feathers. It also has purple eyes, which is strange for any beast, even magical ones. It has a purple beak and two purple legs.


The Halcyon is able to change the weather around it at a whim. It can make the calmest day stormy and the stormiest day calm. It has never actually been seen changing the weather, so it is unknown how it does it. However, after a sudden weather change, one can often be seen flying out of a nearby tree.


The oldest recorded Halcyon lived in Greece thousands of years ago. It was well known for giving the Ancient Greeks a few days of respite every winter. These days were often called Halcyon days in its honor.


The feather of a Halcyon can be used in potions. It is specifically used in the Fulgora Tonitrua potion which, when drunk, causes thunder and lightning to follow the drinker for a period of time.


  • The Halcyon is rated XX by the Ministry of Magic due to its calm and peaceful demeanor.

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