The Halcyon is a species of magical creature native to Greece.


The Halcyon looks similar to a Muggle kingfisher. In fact, it is near indistinguishable from a normal kingfisher. Male Halcyons are green in color with red and tan patches on their faces, while female Halcyons are light blue in color with black and white speckled wings and tails, with the wing tips being compleltly black with white spots, a white stripe on their necks, and black and white patches on their heads.


The Halcyon is able to change the weather around it at a whim. It can make the calmest day stormy and the stormiest day calm. It has never actually been seen changing the weather, so it is unknown how it does it. However, after a sudden weather change, one can often be seen flying out of a nearby tree.


The oldest recorded Halcyon lived in Greece thousands of years ago. It was well known for giving the Ancient Greeks a few days of respite every winter. These days were often called Halcyon days in its honor.


The feather of a Halcyon can be used in potions. It is specifically used in the Fulgora Tonitrua potion which, when drunk, causes thunder and lightning to follow the drinker for a period of time.


  • The Halcyon is rated XX by the Ministry of Magic due to its calm and peaceful demeanor.