Griffin Lloyd (b. 1959 ) was the father of Ethan Lloyd, the husband of Diana Bones Lloyd, and the great-grandson of Llewellyn Lewes Lloyd. He grew up near Spring Green, Wisconsin. Griffin and Diana Lloyd, then newlyweds and recent graduates of Kaaterskill Academy of Magic, served as Aurors with the American Department of Magic. In 1981, they were assigned to the team of American, British and Canadian Aurors who intercepted a group of Death Eaters who sought to unleash an ancient power trapped beneath Table Mountain in Newfoundland. They were the only Aurors to survive the encounter; all but one of the Death Eaters also succumbed to the creature unleashed there. Upon their return to the United States, they went into hiding from the wizarding world. With the help of Cyrus Flyte, they settled among Muggles in Madison, Wisconsin, protected by spells and charms that prevented magical folk from finding them.

Griffin became a librarian in the art library of the state university. Diana went to work in a local grocery co-op. They had virtually no contact with the wizarding world until their son, Ethan, was born in July 1984. Then they were visited by Griffin's great-aunt, Eilonwy and her husband Bertrand Belanger. The Belangers' occasional visits over Ethan's early years remained the Lloyds' only means of contact with wizarding society until Ethan's eleventh birthday in 1995.

Griffin Lloyd is lanky, with unkempt blonde hair, intense green eyes and a sharp chin. He was a member of Bradbury House while a student at Kaaterskill. His parents died in the late 1970s.

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