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Gregor Bagman (b. 1901) was a pure-blood wizard. He played for the Wimbourne Wasps, as a Keeper and leater he specialized as a manager of the team. Gregor was also the father of Ludovic and Otto Bagman. He was a friend of Augustus Rookwood.


Hogwarts years

Gregor Bagman was born in 1941 to the influential, pure-blood Bagman family. He attended Hogwarts from 1912 to 1919, and he was sorted into Slytherin house. He was the Keeper for the Slytherin Quidditch team from his fourth year to the lasto one. He won the Hogwarts Quidditch Cup one time, in 1916.

Working for the Wimbourne Wasps

After graduating from Hogwarts, Gregor went on his career as a professional player of Quidditch, as the Wimbourne Wasps' Keeper. During his time as a keeper, the Wasps won the European Cup once and was also vice champion of the same once again. Gregor held the position of Keeper until the end of the 1945 season, when he won the title of oldest Keeper defending the goal of the Wasps.

After his retirement as Keeper, Gregor tried to specialize in management Quidditch team. So in 1951, the year of the birth of her first son, Ludovic, he assumed the position of manager of the Wimbourne Wasps, leading the team, now behind the scenes, to its sixth victory in the European Cup.

First Wizarding War

Being a member of a very influential family, Bagman always had many friends, and some of them coming from pureblood families whose past and actions contradict with the laws of magic. Bagman's wife, Margot Selwyn, was a member of a wealthy family which owns formidable gold objects and some impregnated with the dark arts. Another family with whom the Bagman get alongwas the Rokwood family and Gregor considered Augustus Rokwood a great friend. However, Rokwood had used him sometimes to get inside information from the Ministry. Once Gregor heard many conversations among his friends who worked in the ministry and talked too much when they got drunk, drinking so much Firewhiskey

Sometimes, Gregor exchanged information on the Ministry of Magic for a job for Ludovic in the same institution. And later also for a job for his other son, Otto. However, Gregor never distrusted that Rokwood was a Death Eater.

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