"The Greengrass family is an old and respected family, much like your grandmother's family. The Greengrass family has not been involved too much in the political side of things, preferring instead to conduct business, sometimes of the more shady nature. Say what you want about their checkered past, but they are not dark wizards; it isn't easy to stay neutral in the wizarding world, but the Greengrass family has managed to maintain that position for the past three centuries."
—Sirius Black telling his godson, Sirius Snape about the Greengrass family
Greengrass is the surname of a wealthy and respected pure-blood wizarding family; one of the Sacred Twenty-Eight. The Greengrass family has managed to maintain a neutral position in the many conflicts that plagued the wizarding world, including the Grindelwald Revolution and the British Wizarding Civil War. They are one of the few British families who are considered "grey"; those who are proficient in the Dark Arts but do not use it for evil purposes.


The Greengrass family traces its roots back to the 9th century, the oldest known patriarch being Alastor Greengrass. The modern Greengrass family is actually descended of the Finnish Virtanen family. In the early 20th century, the last remaining Greengrass family member, Circe Greengrass, married Samuel Virtanen who did something that shocked Wizarding society; he changed his last name to Greengrass in order to continue the family line.

Recent family members

  • Samuel Abraham Greengrass: The first of the modern line of Greengrasses. Originally known as Samuel Virtanen; migrated to Britain during the Russian Revolution and married Circe Greengrass and took her last name in an effort to continue the family name.
  • Florian Dominicus Greengrass: Eldest child of Alexander and Ava Greengrass, husband of Adorabella Greengrass, and father of Daphne, Cyrus and Astoria Greengrass.
  • Adorabella Eurydice Greengrass (née Selwyn): Part of the pure-blood Selwyn family. Married Florian Greengrass
  • Daphne Anne Snape (née Greengrass) (b. 1979): The eldest daughter of Florian and Adorabella Greengrass. Part of the Hogwarts Class of 1998 and married Sirius Snape.
  • Cyrus Eduardus Greengrass (1979 - 1987): Eldest son of Florian and Adorabella Greengrass; twin brother of Daphne Greengrass. Died tragically in a flying accident in 1987.
  • Astoria Christina Greengrass (b. 1982): Youngest daughter of Florian and Adorabella Greengrass. Graduated from Hogwarts in 2000 and surprised her family by marrying another woman; Phoenix McKinnon.

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