The Great Temple was a mausoleum located in the city of Ragnos, having been built around the tomb of the ancient Dark Lord of the Sith Narmer. The interior of the temple was protected by undead guardians, reanimated by the dark side magic emanating from the tomb of Narmer.


The Great Temple was a massive structure built in ancient times, having been constructed around the mausoleum of Narmer, an ancient Dark Lord of the Sith who ruled over the Sith remnant. The temple stood on the centre of Ragnos, serving as the city's second main landmark, the Sith Citadel being the most important one. While the temple's exterior was simply guarded by Massassi warriors, the interior of the temple was protected by undead guardians, reanimated by the old Sith magic present in the tomb for millennia. Over the years, as many Sith attempted to reach the tomb of Narmer, the majority was killed by the undead guardians, the condition of undeath being transmitted to their victims. In another chamber, a droid had been placed, guarding the passage into the antechamber of the tomb, and evaluating those who attempted to enter the tomb with questions about Sith philosophy.

Eventually, in the year of 1994 AD, the temple was finally successfully breached by Dramath Hord, an aspiring Sith Lord who passed all the trials and came into the possession of Narmer's Sith relics and a datapad with the launch codes for the ships which brought the Sith to Earth.


Golden Age of the Sith (first appearance)

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