Patron: "No wonder I can't understand them, they're speaking that Gobbledygooker language."
Patron 2: "Oi, don't let 'em catch you say that; they'll rip your tongue out."
— Two British patrons in the presence of some Goblins

A Goblin, a native speaker of the language

Goblin is the rather harsh, rasping native language of the Goblins. Its complete lack of mutual intelligibility with any human language has led to many wizards and witches calling the language Gobbledegook, which is simply another word for gibberish; this word is seen as derogatory by most of Goblin society and humans would be wise not to utter that word in the presence of a Goblin. The language is quite the polar opposite of Elvish, which is described as a soothing and elegant tongue that is pleasing to the ears.

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