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Gareth Fawcett (b. 6 March 1915 – d. 16 July 1944) was a pure-blood wizard. He is also the great-uncle of S. Fawcett.


Early life

Gareth was born on March 6, 1915, into pure-blood Fawcett family in the wizarding village of Ottery St. Catchpole, Devon. Gareth is the older brother of Griflet and Gwendolyn Fawcett. In 1926, eleven years old, Gareth was the pimeiro his brother to go to Hogwarts and on 1 September he attended the Sorting ceremony where the Sorting Hat sorted him into Gryffindor.

Career as Auror

Shortly after graduating from Hogwarts, Gareth decided to become an Auror, and the age of nineteen, he enlisted for Auror Training Program, directed by Robert Edgecombe. Showing great talent with spells of fire and combustion, Gareth did very well in most of his exams, but he struggled in the Concealment and Disguise portion, narrowly missed being deprecated this subject.

Global Wizarding War

Gareth had been summoned by Arcturus Black to be part of a team that would travel to Germany in order to capture and hold Gellert Grindelwald. Under the command of his former director of the Auror Training Program, Robert Edgecombe, Gareth was part of the team and was considered one of the most skilled team for being a talented Auror.

Gareth has paired with Hector Abbott when the team stormed the castle where the feast was being celebrated by the Black Brigade's and the Axis' members. When his cover was dissolved, Gareth had to duel against Hungarian General Gabor Medgyessy. After a breathtaking duel, Gareth ended up killing the general and was able to regroup with the rest of his team.

Unfortunately Gareth was killed when confronting Grindelwald. The wizard had attacked the team and Gareth was the only one able to face him. Gareth conjured up the Fiendfyre in the form of a phoenix, but Grindelwald was more skilled and able to freeze the phoenix with a Frost Charm. After decentralize Gareth, charmed some tapestries for arrest him, Grindelwald took the opportunity to kill him with a Killing Curse.

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