G is for Gabrielle is an alternate universe novel written by polkaking2.


Gabrielle hopes to prove, contrary to her family's doubts, that there is a reason Harry saved her and that she is a proper witch. She finds pets, talent, a wand, and a love.


  1. Can I Try That Again?
  2. The Coffee Caper
  3. Egyptian Tea
  4. Is That the Same as Yes?
  5. Demon Breath
  6. Au Natural
  7. First Time
  8. Road Trip
  9. Longing for Home
  10. Tea Time
  11. The Coven
  12. Not Dead Yet
  13. Morning Light
  14. Mysteries Demystified
  15. Wand Finds the Witch
  16. Fred's Truth
  17. Karma Balance
  18. Something Found
  19. Lothario
  20. The Replacement
  21. Road Trip Again
  22. Errands
  23. The Fallen
  24. Didn't Go Well
  25. Home Again
  26. Preparations
  27. Zombies
  28. A Fall
  29. The Little People
  30. The Flower's Way
  31. Fleur de Mariage
  32. Behind the Scenes
  33. Revenge is Sweet
  34. The Plan
  35. A Perfect Moment
  36. The Morning's Breakfast
  37. Another One
  38. Watching
  39. All Good Things


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